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A new year begins. What are your 2017 resolutions or perhaps, do you have any resolutions? Losing weight, quit smoking, start going to the gym, or eat healthier? Why not be different instead and start shopping smarter? 

Here are a  few fashion tips that will guide your with your spending habits: 

1. Sorting out your closet

Before heading to the sale section with your eyes closed, evaluate what you already have in your closet. Don't be tempted by a cashmere cardigan that obviously you don't need, even if the latter is at 30% rebate. 

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The goal is the following: to differentiate your real needs and from an unnecessary one. A leather jacket might be convenient, but 3? Not so much.

The infamous "it's half off so I'm saving money" is illogical when the item purchased on sale hangs at the back of your closet and isn't even in your real side or in your favourite colour. Who says sale doesn't necessarily mean it's a smart purchase. 

2. Think local

Montreal is filled with talent and doesn't have to be jealous of international designers. Yes, created by Quebecer designers might be more costly if you compare them to big retail chains such as H&M and Zara. However, this contributes to the stimulation of local economy which means this creates jobs on our home soil and also the clothes are of great quality and made in decent working conditions. Imagine the joy you'll feel once you wear something that was made locally over something that was created for fast-fashion consumption and in poor working conditions in China or Bangladesh. 

Over the last few years, Quebec mourned several big retail Canadian chains such as Mexx, Smart Set and Jacob; it was such a big hit and loss. 

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3. Avoid Fast Fashion

It's the same as fast food if you think about it. Economic, quick and tasty… momentarily. I only go for high quality pieces since I (sometimes, I'll admit it) get tempted by fast fashion. I find relief when I tell myself, like whenever I go to a fast food restaurant, it doesn't hurt that bad if it's only once in a while. However, eating healthy with tons of organic veggies is to be prioritized. Thus favor high quality clothing and only get a few items from the fast fashion market. 

 It would also be preferable to not buy items made of synthetic fabrics and to invest in natural ones. Yes, these would be more costly, but you'll soon realize how they're sustainable and of higher quality.

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4. Must-Haves

If you really want to tackle a sale season, you might want to aim for timeless pieces. 

Refresh your classic pieces such as white t-shirts that are comfortable, cute sweaters and wool based items all in neutral colours and jeans of great quality.

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5. Recycle

Thrift shops and famous "Switch and Bitch" between your friends are more and more popular. It's a cheap way, enjoyable and eco-friendly way to renew your closet. That say it helps you declutter your life by giving away your clothes and accessories you haven't worn in ages.

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In conclusion, you're distraught and you're lacking vision to clean and organize your closet? Just call a stylist! It's a small investment at first that will help you save money in the long run.

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