When in doubt, go to Pantone for the latest color trend update, right? Well, we did. Ultra Violet is what we came back with.

Gradually abandoning everything we used to worship all throughout 2017 and turning to things we’ll just as passionately love in 2018, we’re learning that days of froggy-green and neutrals are behind us. A decidedly more uplifting and wearable than any other color we’ve seen so far, Ultra Violet is the shade that will help the artistic, dreamy and creative souls communicate their imagination, invention and dramatic provocation triggered with this fabulous color. Visionaries everywhere will finally get to communicate their originality and creative impulse by relying on Ultra Violet for inspiration, and we are over the moon to see where that’ll lead us.

Purple Trench

Photo by Pete Bellis on Unsplash

Blue-based purple and very effective in its presentation, Ultra Violet agrees with a multitude of directions and creative levels. From spiritual reflections to exploring the greater galaxy, Ultra Violet lights the way to what things are yet to become. Currently one of the most complex shades, this mixture of the seemingly opposing colors (blue and red) creates a world of colorful contemplation that works perfectly in clothes as much as it does in interior spaces and beyond. The color is known to stand for (self) reflection, discovery, hope and limitlessness.

Here are a few suggestions that’ll inspire you on ways to include Ultra Violet in your wardrobe and makeup! 

Wear it with Metallics

Whenever you feel like channeling a luxurious vibe, remember that Ultra Violet works phenomenally with metallics and golds. If you are going for a more elegant look, greys and greens paired with this dreamy shade will add an elegant finish to the outfit. To complete your look, add an Ultra Violet accessory like a clutch, hat or scarf.

Include in your Gym Wear

Purple gym wear

Photo by Martine Jacobsen on Unsplash

If you don’t feel entirely yourself including Ultra Violet in your everyday outfits, pick up an awesome Nike sports bra or super cute leggings to test the shade out. The color itself is very powerful but very sensual, and wearing it to the gym will give you that extra boost of energy and motivation you need.

Play with Materials

To wear this shade in a number of settings, play with materials for a full effect. To complete your evening look wear a velvet Ultra Violet material, or wear an Ultra Violet athleisure outfit to a lunch date. You can combine different shades of Ultra Violet or different materials in your outfit to give your ensemble a little quirky touch.

Be Bold with your Footwear

Ultra Violet pumps, sandals or boots aren’t something you see every day, but they definitely do take the spotlight once on foot. A sleek and elegant Ultra Violet pump will work perfectly with your going out look paired with your favorite LBD. For a fun vibe, opt for pumps with a prominent pom pom element that elevates the shoe from basic to electrifying.

Use in your Beauty Routine

Purple Lipstick

Photo by Alex J. Reyes on Unsplash

Not everyone is gutsy enough to incorporate Ultra Violet into their makeup but those who are – cannot be overlooked. Wear matte purple on the lips, the lids or nails to make a sensual and bold statement. The shade will give you a slightly serious don’t-mess-with-me-vibe, making you look powerful and dominant. For an evening look, a shimmery eyeshadow in Ultra Violet is the way to go.  

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