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Sunday morning, I had the chance to discuss trends and beauty tricks with the magnificent Lucy Hale, better known as Aria from the TV series Pretty Little Liars. . Since 2013, Lucy is the ambassador for Mark, the most recent cosmetics and fashion line by Avon. Between her bustling actress career and her musical ambitions, Lucy still managed to squeeze in some time and share her favourite trends and best beauty tips with me.

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What is your go-to beauty product (you would never leave de house without THIS product)?

I have two of them! The first product is Touch & Glow by Mark and the second is named Lucas’ papaw cream, it is an Australian product that can be used for the face, hair, and you can even use it as a lip balm! Those are the two products I always have on me.

What is the best beauty tip you have ever gotten?

Growing-up, my mother always told us to wash our faces properly and go to bed with a clean skin. Everybody should do this! Today, I have a (very) lengthy skincare routine that was heavily influenced by the tips my mother has been giving me since I was little.

What is the best piece of advice you could give to the readers of TheBooklet?

Take care of your skin, drink a lot water and wear sunblock! For my part, I’ve always had a soft spot for eyebrows, so my advice would be, the more audacious, the better! In general, take care of your skin, because it is the base of everything.

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Have you made any recent skincare product discoveries you would like to share with us?

I’ve been using then for a long time, but I adore the serums from SkinCeuticals. They have many kinds of serum and what I do is that I simply add a few drops of serum to my hydrating facial cream. I use different types of serum for morning and night time. They contain antioxidants and vitamin C. They are excellent products!

What is the first thing you look for when buying a product?

Honestly, I have a weakness for packaging! It is generally the first thing that catches my attention. Although, I imagine that with age, I pay more attention to the ingredients. I think that when it comes to facial products, the fewer ingredients the better!

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What would you suggest for women, who like you, have beautiful green eyes?

Oh, thank you! Yes! I have discovered that certain colours like prunes and purples make them pop more; the green is accentuated. Personally, I love going for a more neutral or smokier look, which help make the eyes pop.

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Who is your beauty inspiration of the moment?

Oh… I find it difficult to pick one person in particular! It is pretty general, but it’s why I love social media: you can follow different makeup artists or other people you admire and that way you get inspiration from a bit all over the world. That is what I do, but I can never pick just one person in particular.

What is your favourite every day outfit?

Levi’s jeans, a t-shirt and black boots or even a pair of Converse!

Blackbird singin in the dead of night ????????????

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Do you own any jewelry that you never take off?

Yes, I actually wear the same jewelry every day, but I have one beautiful, but very old, ring that belonged to my grandmother that was passed down to me; I never take it off my finger!

Do you prefer a nude lip or a bold lip?

Recently, I love audacious lips, colourful lips, but it depends on what you are doing with your look or with your eye makeup. For myself, I love putting the accent there!

Unconventional color ftw ???? by: @markbyavon

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What is the most exciting thing happening right now in your acting career?

I am currently filming a new series by CW called LifeSentence. We will be done filming in January and the premier will be aired between January and March, and I am very excited about this project. I have a lot of fun during filming. I have also learned that a movie I participated in a few months ago, titled Truth or Dare, will be widely diffused on April 27th. So yes, the coming year will be very exciting!

DAY 1 of @cw_lifesentence ????????❤️

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Do you have any ongoing music projects?

Right now, I am very busy with my acting career! However, I have a Christmas song that should come out next week! I recorded it a few weeks ago and it was very cool to get back in the studio, especially after the release of my last album. About my next album, it will rather be in a few years, it depends on so many things, but music will always be an integral part of my life no matter what.


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