When you combine the excitement of summer and buying local products, you get Everyday Sunday. This swimsuit and resort brand based in Montreal focus on emphasizing all body types. To prove it, we all came together by showing you four models of swimsuit and a few pieces from their clothing line! The brand is available at Simons, some at Sports Experts and La Cordée. To know more, you can visit their  website.

2015 02 26_03_08B

2015 02 26_03_10

2015 02 26_03_09B

I love the retro model I’m wearing here. The pleating in the front enhances my curves as well as the straps around the neck. The best part is that everything will stay in place. I also like the light pair of pants, ideal to cover yourself up when you want to take a break from tanning in order to have a quick bite. Let’s just say that a black swimsuit doesn’t shout summer, HOWEVER, the latter is so elegant that you can’t never get bored of it: it is and will always be a timeless piece. Cam’s bikini is sublime with its pattern that recalls the tie-dye trend. The straps are removable, in other words, this swimsuit can easily have a second look. I love the idea and the end result. We see how the attention is put into the details with a subtle recall of the pattern of the top on the bottom piece. Maude is wearing a turquoise crop top with a subtle touch of lace with a floral shorts: two pieces to absolutely pack in your suitcase if you’re  leaving somewhere warmer. Léonie is wearing a one-piece that has the same print as Cam’s. I love that different model that isn’t too revealing cleavage-wise, which can be amazing if you want to protect yourself from the dangerous sun rays (in my case, that’d be perfect since I burn easily!) Kime is also wearing a one-piece with a colorful pattern über summer-ish that you can crease around the thighs area if desired.


Photo: Michelle Gagné
Location : Hôtel Le Crystal

Cam’s hair and makeup: Jessica Branchaud-Meneses
Léonie’s hair and makeup: Lisette De Sousa
Viv’s hair and makeup: Lisette De Sousa
Kime’s hair and makeup: Amélie and Jessica Branchaud-Meneses
Maude’s hair and makeup: Jessica Branchaud-Meneses

2015 02 26_03_04B
2015 02 26_03_02
2015 02 26_03_03
2015 02 26_03_05B
2015 02 26_03_06
2015 02 26_03_07

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