For awhile now, I’ve started writing a series of articles on entrepreneurship. I asked you, dear readers, to tell me the subjects of articles and Roxane Germain asked me to tell her about what one of my typical days is like. Roxane, I begin by disappointing you: there really no typical day in my life as an entrepreneur.

Since I’m on my own, I made the mourning of a life from September to May tidy and quiet. It does not exist, not for now. Getting into the void as business woman, is to accept that our life is turned upside down, it is different and we must take the bull by the horns. Certainly, there is no stability that others cherish, but we have a freedom of choice, schedule, projects, holiday … in our degree of control. At first, my new life intoxicated me, I worked tirelessly, my schedule was crazy. I got up around 6am in the morning to make sure I was working before others do go to work. I have changed. I learned to respect myself and put limits on myself. I work more than a standard 40 hours a week, but I’m not the only one. When I see my friends who work in the financial field, in the legal field or other, they also have a full day filled with work!

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It may seem enchanting to have  choice, you can bask in the park when we want or enjoy the summer sun. I will not say otherwise. However, we must impose discipline if we want to ensure that everything will run as desired. My alarm clock sounds so now every morning at 7 am (and I try not snooze). For a little over two years, we have an office that is no longer my home, so I am going to the office for 9 am (except Mondays when we have our team meeting at 8:30 am) and my day begins. And it is there that I can not give details. Sometimes I am in client meetings, another time I write articles, other times I attend conferences, I make pitches to potential clients, I am at photo shoots, I filming, I … phew! Not to forget anything, I want a really tight schedule which the office team members have access to add my meetings.
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However, one must understand that there is a big difference between an entrepreneur and one who works on their own, someone who starts and someone who has a desk and a team. Having co-workers, I impose their office hours, certainly not a traditional office, but we still have work hours, so I have to force me too. When you’re the boss, try to set an example (I say try because like all, it is full of defects and it is not always easy to do). So I tried to arrive at the office at the requested time, to be there as often as possible, to have dinner with the team and to create unity. Codmorse, web strategy agency that I chair has blessed with prestigious clients in its portfolio and we are not a traveling agency as when working from my living room. My co-workers are employed, have paid vacation … in short, agency life! This is where the difference is, I have to learn to take a desktop pace of life to live it with them while remaining creative that I have any ideas at 2 in the morning and decides to work .. . because the work was never for me a task, but fun! That answers your Roxane question? As for my look, here is a set of entrepreneur who love fashion … no?

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The Look:

Clothes – Simons

Hat – Simons

Shoes and Bracelet – Simons

Stylist – Laurie TB

Photos – Michelle Gagné

Makeup and Hair – Jessica Branchaud-Meneses

Location – La Ruche Blanche


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