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Last night was as very special evening for us and our team. For months now, we’ve been working really hard for this #EntreNousLC launch. We wanted to create a collection in our and your image, pieces that could be worn as much as at the office than during the weekend and will be easy to pair with any other pieces you own in your closet. We wanted to offer something that was created locally, designed and manufactured in the province of Quebec with the help of many talented individuals. And yesterday, we celebrated this amazing project. We’re saying it now, this would not be the last time you’ll hear about Entre Nous. We already have a few ideas cooking up for Autumn, so stay tuned.

Yesterday, we were surprised to see how big the event became at Le Crytal Hotel. You guys came in a large number to discover our 11 piece collection. You cannot imagine how great it felt to meet you too, to shake your hands, being able to chat a little bit. Here are a few pictures of the night, however to see them all,  they are available on our FACEBOOK Page!

2015 06 18_002 2015 06 18_004 2015 06 18_006 2015 06 18_007 2015 06 18_013 2015 06 18_014 2015 06 18_045A work from Camille (on her Facebook page):

Yesterday was the launching of ‪#‎EntreNousLC‬ clothing line !

To shop the collection:

Thank you all for the support, I’m speechless each time to see how well I’m surrounded as much as in my work than my personal life. We often underestimate how our entourage and colleagues may change in a way our lives. I can’t never thank them enough since the latter relentlessly believe in me and support me whenever I have a crazy idea that needs to come to life!

First and foremost, thank you to my Codmorse crew (JP, Kaz, Louis, Marie-Jules, Maude and Camille) and thanks a millions to our amazing contributors from both Le Cahier & The Booklet, our interns and the editor or the website and my best friend Viv.

Thank you to my friends, who understand how busy my life gets, often working on my phone, often having the heads in the clouds and they still love me the way I am. Thank you to those who push my limits and help me create projects. And thank you to those who inspire me even without knowing!

Thank you to my friends and my other half, they are the first one to support me. I say often how great my parents are, I basically have the best parents in the entire world and I firmly believe that statement. They always believe in me, whenever I wanted to start a theatric group, then my agency, then the blog, my tv show going to a clothing line. They listen, advise me and sometimes dares to disagree with me… with love! Marc, analyses relentlessly my career ideas, supports me during hard times and understands in his way my reality.

Sorry for the long thank you notes, I truly felt grateful waking up this morning. xxx

Photos: Michelle Gagné Photographe

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We have to thank our partners who made this evening ten times more enjoyable:

L’Hôtel Le Crystal​ who welcomed us with open arms
Panache​ who offered express blow-dry on location
L’Oréal Paris​ who offered makeup touched and little gifts for those who bought a item from the #EntreNousLC collection
 CandyLabs​   For the candy table that was offering candy with the blog’s logo
Hestia​, who offered delicious tea
Gallant, our amazing DJ
Jean Coutu​, With whom made this contest see the light of day
B Models Management​ who made a fashion show happen last night
Plantzy​ who lent us plants in order to give a cute vibe to the location
Michelle Gagné who immortalized the event by snapping amazing pictures AND to also take the pictures of the capsule collection for the online boutique
AJR Beluga who filmed our best moments yesterday in order to create a killer souvenir video
Anaïs Faubert Photographe​ who was in charge of the photo booth
Le Club Social​, who helped us immensely during the planning of this crazy event and without whom any of this wouldn’t have been possible!

Don’t forget to share with us your outfits pictures while wearing the #EntreNousLC collection on social medias!

Photo: Michelle Gagné Photographe​

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