Being on the web everyday, to expose oneself like any other bloggers would do, that attracts comments. Since 2008, I've learnt to receive comments both positive and negative. Often when I talk about the subject to my friends, they'd tell me "they don't know you, so don't listen to them". Yes and no. Yes it's true I don't know any of these those people who write those comments, but they know me through the Internet, which is still me in the end, we may be transparent and authentic on this electronic platform, it's still not the same than meeting someone face to face in real life. That say, they know Camille like I present myself. They only know me of a certain way. No, I don't take them all seriously, no I won't be shocked or repulsed after I read each negative comments. But at times I would question myself. If there's one thing I know, is that I'm certainly not perfect and I still have lots to learn. Indeed, even if it requires humility and introspection, I accept those hurtful comments as if there's a layer of truth to it that I can take it in order to become a better person. Isn't it one of the most important things in life? Wanting to become a better self?

For a few months now, I've been working in collaboration with Best Buy in order to create video contents for their platforms as well as mine. When they share their videos, some would attack the company, others would attack me. A Facebook user wrote I should keep posting pictures of me on Instagram because I'm good at it. It hurt me at first. I don't think to be that great at having my picture taken. Far from that. Since I was done with Uni, I founded my company, I launched my blog, I traveled, I hosted tv shows, but most importantly, I think several things other than posting pictures of myself fon Instagram. That say, after feeling down from reading that comment, I rolled up my sleeves and chose to ignore this message. That person who hit send was dead wrong about me and that was about it.

Then I received other comments, such as I'm being self-centered. It's true that with the type of work I'm doing, we're always writing about ourselves, taken pictures and so on. It does sound like me, myself and I. But it got me thinking. Am I this way? Yes and no. Oh thank god. It wasn't easy to write that. I don't feel like I'm self-centered because I take care of my friends and I worry about them. They come before me. If I have a friend who's in need, I'll always be there for him, I'm the one whom people will write to, I'll try to see them often and I'll always remember fun times spent with my close ones. But there's also a bit of self-centered, I'll admit all because I often prioritize my projects over others and yes, I do speak a lot about myself. 

To accept it is the first step towards change or amelioration. What do I have to work on? Maybe not talking about myself too much when I'm in a group in front of people. Maybe not compare my stories to others and trying to cut down on work topics. Learning to embrace your flaws is to choose to grow up. Even if at times, those who point out your flaws are doing it without wearing white gloves and we simply want to get back at them. By getting mad, we put fuel to the fire, it's a game. By taking a step back, we work on ourselves… and in the long run, we're shutting down those potty mouths!

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I'm wearing:

Top and tee: Joe Fresh

Necklace: Dalaï Mala

Jeans: Second Clothing

MUA: Kellie Arlene Farfan

Photos by: Michelle Gagné

Location: Hôtel Nelligan

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