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Christmas and New Years Eve are right around the corner and we soon shall part ways with bad beauty habits from our final week, meaning, when you have no clue on how to do your makeup. truly, straight, hair up, loose hair? It's a recurrent dilemma we all have to face. I don't know for you, but I hate it when I have a blowout at my hairdresser since it looks way to much over the top. It's as if I've have a tattoo on my forehead that says "eh, check me out, I've just spent 5 hours at the beauty salon!" and I'm not crazy with the result. If you're low maintenance as I am in terms of beauty products and hair care, you must be as ecstatic as I am to see how the trends promote an effortlessly chic look. It allows me to have fun before I head out somewhere, that will look natural, that will look like me and in which I'll be 100% comfortable with. Furthermore, these hairdos usually are the perfect excuse after a few hours of partying, they camouflage with perfection any rebellious streaks. I find that kind of hairdo even better than all done. 

tutoriel, coiffure, Marc Anthony, Jean Coutu, Panache, coiffé, beach wave, effortless

To help you recreate this effortlessly hairdo à la Tay Tay, we asked for Letizia's help, an expert from Panache Salon, in order to give us a few tips and tricks in order to create a disheveled hairstyle. In this video, she'll guide you through each steps to recreate the hairdo by doing it simultaneously on cam's and also show you the used products. I think the best part in all this is, how this hairdo doesn't required a hair straightener. It is then über easy to retouch throughout the evening. Also, all Marc Anthony products that Letizia uses in this tutorial are available at Jean Coutu!

To start, we wash and treat our hair with a sulfate free coconut oil shea butter shampoo and conditioner from Marc Anthony. It's pretty much the basis before starting to place your hair. Then, try to lift your hair by creating volume with the help of your fingers. To create a disheveled look, the effect will look better when you hair won't be straight nor super close to your face. Now, we go into the main step of your hairdo by creating Taytay's famous beach waves. To obtain that, we use the Sexy Beach Wave mousse from Marc Anthony to create a movement effect and they will look at the same time less straight. After, we use Dream Wave Beach Spray, still in Marce Anthony's product line to give that finishing touch to the curve we've been sculpting and to help our hair to hold all day long. A beloved product of Leitizia would be the 2nd Day Clear Dry shampoo. It's ideal when you're running to a dinner and you don't really have time to wash your hair before each events. Furthermore, it gives even more volume and it's probably the most useful product I've discovered this year. We apply it towards the last step and pretty much everywhere in our hair to finish up the look. You'll be sure you hair will stay in place from the time you'll step outside your house to when you'll be eating your third sugar pie slice. We hope that this tutorial will help you during your preparation of Christmas and holiday dinners and that you'll have as much fun as we did while recreating that effortlessly chic hairdo with Marc Anthony's products.

tutoriel, coiffure, Marc Anthony, Jean Coutu, Panache, coiffé, beach wave, effortless

tutoriel, coiffure, Marc Anthony, Jean Coutu, Panache, coiffé, beach wave, effortless

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