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Last Tuesday, I took a flight to Toronto, one of many flights in direction of this city since the beginning of this fall. Toronto is almost my adoptive city since I go there often for work. However, I still have a lot of fun every time I visit the latter. I truly was excited for that particular time because I know I'd discover a new phone from Huawei, not only to meet with astronaut Col.Chris Hadfield. No big deal, he's the first Canadian to have walked in space and to have been in charge of the international space station. You know, that kind of small side job…

That say, when Huawi wrote to me in order to invite me to discover their latest phone model, I was pretty excited. I've been on the "Android Team" for over 5 years now. However, I love to try different phones from different providers, just for the purpose of being up to date with the latest innovations and trends from the industry. 

Huawei recently launched it Nova Plus, a new phone working with Android, that will please users who spend a lot of time on their phone, since this particular  model has a high capacity battery with a lifetime of 3340 minute rate. You can also spend two days without charging your phone which is a huge benefit comparing to other phones that only last a few hours.

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Or else, in terms of the results, this is a great device, equipped with a recent processor and of a 3G memory card which allows to multitask without slowing down your device. This phone has a 5.5" 1080p screen with vivid colours that will allow you to watch video in high definition, watch photos and videos taken with your 16 megapixels camera from your phone. Its camera can also film with a 4K resolution, a new video quality standard that which before was only reserved to luxurious high quality devices. That tells you how we've democratize camera and how available they have become ont he market. You can now film a high resolution video that is perfect if you wish to capture amazing moments from your trips that will be as beautiful to look at on your phone than on your television screen. To conclude, like many phones of our generation, the latter is offered in several colours (grey, white, black and gold)  you can choose the one that will then fit your personality at best. That say, it's a phone easy to use, with a simple yet efficient design and you'll certainly have lots of fun while discovering and playing with this device on a daily basis. 


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Let's go back to my Tuesday night shall we. I went to Musik where an impressive red carpet awaited me. I had several tasty cocktails under the theme of space and also had pop corn flavored ice cream before being invited to hurry myself in the VIP section. That is when I met Chris Hadfield. He was waiting for us for a signing session of his book. I know, I should've known but I was surprised to see him go up to me talk to me in an impeccable French once he learnt my name is Camille. Truly a good down to earth guy who took the time to speak to us for a few minutes and to each journalists on site before making its way to the showroom. In fact, he gave a 30 minute concert in front of a room filled with people who were pleased to have a live show of the astronaut who entertained the whole world with its YouTube videos shot from space. 

All night long, I was able to capture moments with a Huawei phone that was lent to me. You can find the NOVA Plus at Rogers, Fido and Virgin Mobile. 

Photos: Carlo de Marcus Troy 

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