One thing dogs love to do is CHEW. They’ll gnaw on pretty much anything, including furniture, shoes and baseboards! They chew when they’re bored or anxious, they chew when they’re teething, and they chew for the sheer pleasure of it. My Jack Russell Terrier (may he RIP), Miniature Pinscher and Golden Retriever were/are all heavy chewers; meaning, they have powerful jaws, sharp teeth and love/need to chew on stuff. I’ve purchased A LOT of bones, toys and chew toys over the years, and in my opinion, the following are my top 5 picks for heavy chewers! 

dog, dog toys, chew toys, dog playtime, doggie playtime, sodapup, jw pets, west pawHere are my fur-babies… Jacob, my 2 year old Golden Retriever and Leah, my 5 year old Min Pin.

1. Braided rope:

Made of 100% cotton threads with knots of various sizes. The handle keeps your fingers at a safer distance from your dog’s teeth as you play a game of  pull-and-tug. Some ropes, such as the one pictured here, have two ends, making it possible to play with two dogs at the same time (if you have the strength)! This is probably my Golden Retriever’s favourite toy. 

dog, dog toys, chew toys, dog playtime, doggie playtime

Source: Mondou

2. Hol-Ee Roller by JW Pet:

Made of flexible non-toxic natural rubber, this durable bouncy ball can be squished, bitten and pulled on, and it will immediately spring back to its original shape. These super lightweight balls are easy (for you) to throw and equally easy (for your dog) to catch. Jacob (my Golden Retriever) never tires of fetching the ball and returning it to me; however, Leah (my Min Pin) prefers to run away with it! 

dog, dog toys, chew toys, dog playtime, doggie playtime, jw pet

Source: Animalerie Bouffe-Tout

3. Hipster Cuz & Spiky Cuz by JW Pet:

Made of non-toxic natural rubber,these durable little cuties squeak with every bounce. The little feet make these dog toys easy to grab and carry. My fur-babies don’t really seem to have a favourite… but I do!  

dog, dog toys, chew toys, dog playtime, doggie playtime, jw pets

Source: Amazon

dog, dog toys, chew toys, dog playtime, doggie playtime, jw pet

Source: Mondou

4. Zisc Flying Disc by West Paw:

Finally, a “Frisbee” that won’t hurt your dog’s sensitive gums! Made of non-toxic natural rubber, this disc is darn near indestructible. It can fly a good distance and float on water without fear of deteriorating. The Zisc Flying Disc brings the game of “Fetch” to a whole new level! 

dog, dog toys, chew toys, dog playtime, doggie playtime, westpaw

Source: Amazon

5. Can Toy by SodaPup:

Don’t make the mistake of underestimating this dog toy! Made of non-toxic natural rubber, the Can Toy by SodaPup bounces and squeaks and can be used as a treat dispenser. My Min Pin goes gaga over this toy when I put a spoonful of peanut butter in it! What more could a dog wish for! Simply pop the toy in the dishwasher for easy cleanup.  

Source: Mondou

So, are you tempted to buy one (or more) of these pet-tastic dog toys for your pooch? I’d LOVE to hear about your fur-baby’s reaction!  ????

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