After 5 years of living in the biggest city in Canada, I am still discovering it.  Dawwww, I repeat it’s the biggest city in Canada. There are always these bars, restaurants and cafes I put on my to do list but often forget about them.  A few weeks back I attended a pop-up shop event on Ossington Street.  The event was right next to a Cuban restaurant I had put on my Toronto musts.  I was attending the event with two friends and they were both pretty hungry, so I suggested the Cuban restaurant.  Of course I explained that I had never been to it and it was a new place for all of us.  I made sure they wouldn’t hate me if it was bad, haha.  Obviously if I am writing about it today it fulfilled expectations.  This mystery restaurant I am sharing with you guys is called “La Cubana”.

As you all may know, I became vegetarian almost a year ago.  To be honest I was practically vegetarian my whole life with the exceptions of my meals outside of home.  I never liked meat and I don’t judge anybody that is a steak/potato type of person (to each their own). So this decision mostly affected my restaurant selection.  La Cubana had been on my must list for over a year so I literally had no clue if it had vegetarian options, but I always find something to eat.  Lucky for me it did. So to all those veggie people out there; it is vegetarian friendly.  Apart from making the best “Cuban street food”, this place is very charming.  The turquoise subway tile wall is instaworthy and modern.  This place almost feels like an exotic sleek diner.  For food I ordered an avocado queso sandwich and honestly I wasn’t let down at all.  I also took a coffee, and if you are a coffee fanatic like myself, they make a mean Cuban coffee.  My friends ordered lunch and dessert.  I do not have much of a sweet tooth and never order dessert, but my friends shared and their hot donut bites are out of this world.

We had amazing service.  I love going to a new place and asking questions about the menu.  One of the staff who was from Cuba helped us with our meal selection.  I would suggest this place for a lunch date or for an afternoon snack. I will definitely go back in the near future and have suggested it to a few friends who enjoyed it just as much as I did.

This little adventure made me realise how many things I still need to discover in the Toronto area. Lesson learned; I should stop going to the same places over and over again.  On that note, this place should be on all Torontonians and tourists to-do list when in Toronto.

Pictures by: Daniel Morad


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