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Weekends are made for disconnecting but that can sometimes be difficult to do and even more difficult to accept…

I’ve been splitting my time between Magog, Montréal and Saint-Lambert. My body was telling me to stop but I didn’t slow down until I was hit with a cold. I’m not the type of person who disconnects. I have trouble pressing the Pause button. I’m the type to work as much as possible. The irony in all this is that I’ve written numerous articles sharing tips on the subject. Disconnecting. It’s not something that I learned from my parents. As a young girl, I spent my time going from piano classes to soccer practices to swimming lessons and school. Disconnecting. It’s a word that I find confusing.  

After a particularly hectic Friday, and an even more hectic Saturday, my body finally quit on me. I was completely wiped out. No amount of coffee could keep me awake. I ended up having to leave my friend’s wedding reception at 3pm.

I never really woke up.

I stayed up ‘til 10pm but I was little more than a zombie. I watched TV. I made mountains out of molehills. I should have listened to what people were telling me. I had been pushing myself so hard that come Monday, I could barely muster the energy to return calls or manage my company. I wanted to do the absolute minimum, and that’s just not like me.

It reminded me of the importance of taking it easy on Sundays. And to grant myself permission to do so…

I thought it important to tell you about this strange feeling that’s come over me. I don’t feel like my usual self; the Camille that can accomplish a hundred and one things in under five minutes. I feel weak and all I want to do, right now, is take a shower and go to bed. So? Does that make me a lesser person? No. I pushed myself too hard for far too long. I think a lot of people of my generation are in the same boat. We want everything and we want it now but we ought to know better. We have to work hard in order to reach our goals. But at what cost? I’m earning less now than I did when I was 25. Why? Because I refuse to bust my butt from 6am to 10pm every single day of the week. I still push myself too hard but I’m slowly learning how to set limits. That being said, one thing I have learned over the course of the past five years is that whatever money I earn, contract I obtain, and visibility I gain, none of it is as valuable as the time spent with people I cherish. So I’ve decided to slow down. Obviously, I haven’t slowed down enough… I still have a ways to go. Tell me, does any of this resonate with you?

Le look:

Shirt – Winners

Ring – Anne-Marie Chagnon

Photographer – Sarah R Photographe

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