Every year, thousands upon thousands of people worldwide visit the Zoo de Granby, one of Canada’s largest zoos. An extraordinary experience awaits visitors interested in animals from all four corners of the globe at the Amazoo Aquatic Park and the Johnny Test Amusement Park. The creation of Dinozoo Park, a universe dedicated entirely to dinosaurs, was made possible thanks to a number of sizeable investments.

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We toured the park with our three children and here is what we thought of it:


Sometimes we expect too much from a new attraction, but not this time! Dinozoo exceeded our expectations by far! The majority of the full-scale dinosaurs are enormous and the attention to detail is incredible. They roll their eyes and swish their tails as we near them. Their roars alone had our youngsters shivering with excitement. The impressive prehistoric landscape calls to mind Jurassic Park. Bottom line: the realistic look of Dinozoo has been perfectly achieved!

dinozoo, zoo de granby, dinosaure, famille, activité

For people of all ages

Dinozoo has much to offer young children, teenagers and adults alike. Youngsters will be delighted by the zoo’s mascots as they stroll through the park. Experts are readily available to answer any questions visitors might have. Both young and old will enjoy a zany show offered daily by a trainer and his dinosaur. Word of caution: keep a safe distance if you don’t want to risk getting bitten!

dinozoo, zoo de granby, dinosaure, famille, activité, trixie


Enthusiasts and knowledge-seekers alike will be well served by the information panels placed near each of Dinozoo’s 21 dinosaurs. Each panel provides a myriad of information on both well known dinosaurs and new discoveries. Biologists are available to answer any questions visitors might have. Dinozoo is an ideal world for aspiring junior paleontologists.

dinozoo, zoo de granby, dinosaure, famille, activité

You’ll definitely need more than a day if you wish to tour the Zoo de Granby, especially now that they’ve added Dinozoo Park. Fortunately, season passes are available!  ;)

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