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*This article is sponsored by Patience Fruit & Co

Le Cahier and Patience Fruit & Co have paired up to create a fun and practical DIY using the cranberry juice bottles. To make a long story short, Patience Fruit & Co, is a local brand that offers an array of products in which cranberries are the star: fresh, dried, in a mix with nuts and other fruits, as well as, in the form of 100% pure juice. It is using these juice bottles that Max and I have decided to create piggy banks. If you are like me, you always have loose change lying around, either in your pockets, the bottom of your purse, or even unused in your wallet. Our plan? Create thematic piggy banks that would allow us to save money for a specific objective. I choose to make a piggy bank with a travel theme, whereas Max chose the topic of “love” with the idea of organizing fun date nights with his boyfriend. 

Here is the material we used: 

  • Magazines (preferably ones you’ve already taken some time to read)
  • Scissors
  • Mod Podge
  • White Acrylic
  • Silk Paper
  • Paint Brushes
  • Accessories for decorating (ribbon, confettis in the shape of a heart, or anything that might inspire you!)

For my project, I decided to cut out images and textures from the magazines that represented travel, and from these, create a colorful collage on the bottle using mod podge. Once the bottle drank, washed and its label removed, here are the steps of creation: 

1- Find inspiring images based on the chosen theme. For my part, I used magazines, but I could have just as easily used road maps, atlases, pictures, and personal souvenirs. Everything is possible! Let your imagination roam! 

2- Start by spreading a good layer of mod podge the size of the image chosen, stick the image on and cover with mod podge. 

3- Repeat the second step till the bottle is completely covered in images. Personally, I chose to leave the top of the bottle bare because the glass is textured and I thought it gave a better look. Additionally, once the change reaches the top levels of my collage, I’ll know I’ve saved a good amount of money ;)! 

4- Let dry completely. 

5- During this time, cut an opening in the bottle cap large enough to allow to easily insert coins (be careful, it is a metal cap). 

6- Paint the cap with acrylic paint of the color of your choice. This will require multiple layers in order for the pain to be opaque. 

And voilà!

This is a simple DIY that does not require too much material and can therefore be a great activity with the kids for the weekend or to let your creativity fly. What is the most fun is that having a thematic piggybank is motivating. Personally, I find it hard to save up money if I don’t have a specific objective in mind. If I know that money accumulated this way will allow me to, for example, go out for a delicious meal in a restaurant during my vacations in Japan, I am less likely to dip in the piggybank to buy a coffee in the morning. What will be your piggybanks theme? 


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