We’ve all been there, we’ve all been graced by a half pony tail often decorated with our most beautiful butterfly hair clips or multicolor bobby pins… remember that time back in middle school? Some loved it, some had to suffer their wrath of their mom’s desires. Even if this hairdo may recall our childhood for some or prom and wedding season… half bun have made a comeback but in a complete different way.

When I first saw celebrities sporting this hair trend, I was skeptical. There are trends that have made a come back with their unpleasant baggage and unfortunately it was the case with half buns. Finally, I’d admit being convince by a semi-chic half-bun, ideal for a friday night with the girls or on sunday morning in your pajamas. It’s a great mix of laziness and attention to detail.

Adjust according to your hairstyle

I’ve quickly gave up after a few tries. With fine hair, it is unfortunately an impossible fight against these rebellious locks to overcome plus we could often see my eating sticking out. Also my hair isn’t that long so it didn’t help, I do believe half-bun looks great on short hair or even long hair that I finally decided to adopt the hairstyle.

For those like me, who unfortunately don’t have thick hair, you only need to create waves and focus on texture in order to get volume. Don’t try to attain perfection: carelessness is key.

Some would wear a higher bun, literally one that’d sit on top of your head when other would wear it lower. In any case, it’s the hairdo by excellence to be worn in countless ways: have fun and test them all out in order to find out which style works best for you. Here are a few hair tutorial that may come in handy.

tutoriel, top bun, half bun, coiffure, tendance, mode, cheveux

Source : donesi.com

And here’s how our favorite celebrities wear a half bun, question of inspiring ourselves.

Sienna Miller, cheveux court, blond, half bun, coiffure, updo, tendance, mode

Source : harpersbazaar.com

Sienna Miller, tendance, street style, mode, tendance, coiffure, half bun

Source : harpersbazaar.com

half bun, tendance, mode, marie-kate olsen, jumelle, coiffure, updo

Source : pinterest.com

half bun, coiffure, mode, tendance, haistyle, Kate Mara, Sienna Miller

Source : donesi.com

Half bun, updo, tendance, coiffure, cheveux long, tendance, mode

Source : mariefranceasia.com

cheveux frisés, boucles, cheveux, tendance, updo, half bun

Source : mariefranceasia.com

half bun, cheveux, plats, tendance, mode, coiffure, updo, half bun

Source : mariefranceasia.com

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