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We truly have amazing news to share with you this morning: the first piece created with Le Cahier / The Booklet will soon see the light of day! Yes! It has been a while since I wanted to give that extra push for this type of collaboration with some of the brands I love working with. However, in this world, everything is done by steps and I shouldn’t try move faster than I could. That way, my collaboration with  Masabni has officially started a year ago when Jennifer invited me to participate in a blogger contest (you can read it in French  RIGHT HERE). And so, we did a series of outfits, if you look on the search tool bar to your right, you can easily notice how Le Cahier / The Booklet loves the creations of Jennifer Masabni!

And then, I gave my first pitch idea to jennifer about a dress we can create together. Yeah, yeah. I’m far from being a designer, but I love to create. I have no clue how to draw, but I love to imagine and visualize. I don’t sow. To my biggest surprise, she was on board with this plan, she said yes. Right away. Two days later, she was sitting at my office so we can finalize together our calendar. Winter collection are coming shortly, so there wasn’t any time to waste. The first step was on me, I had to make a sketch of the dress (from front and back)… but don’t worry, the second step consist of Jennifer reworking on the sketch. And, we shall give you the vote to chose the details in order to make you participate in the creating process! Finally, the final product will be revealed and you’ll be able to order on the Masabni online webpage! Isn’t this exciting? I’m going crazy here!! Masabni, is a local brand, and will open an other to a first design collaboration with Le Cahier / The Booklet. I sincerely hope this will be the first to many collaborations with this brand of this nature!!

So I’ll hereby show you my first sketches. Yes, I truly have no clue how to draw, yes my characters have disproportionate shoulders… but you guys still get the essential, am I right? So that’s all that matters. Certainly, this is a winter dress, but I wanted to think about all of those chic evening during the cold season  (Christmas for example) where we all want to wear a chic dress, without going to a ball gown style. I really like the trend with collars that go up to the neck, but are still really indented on the shoulders, and that was I wanted to recreate. After, I’m a big admirer of a bare back and I find it often sexier. So, I have now imagined a dress with a bare back. Yes, it’s winter, but to wear it during the cold season, you’d only need to wear it blazer and hop, you’re good to go, even at the office you’d be able to wear it! During many years, I only wore body icon dresses. Oh god, how much I changed! Now, I find that an A-line skirt can bring a lot to an ensemble, even more when the top is more fitted. Furthermore, color-wise… I’m still undecided… what do you guys think?



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