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I just came from a student exchange in Europe. During my 4 months on the other side of the pond I took the opportunity to travel around in places I've never set foot before. You can then expect a few other articles that will be written on the subject over the course of the next few weeks. Among these destination includes Copenhagen… one of my former work colleagues went and always talked highly of the latter and only heard a few words prior to my visit (aside of watching Pitch Perfect 2). Thus when my friend and I were in Switzerland last October, we booked our flight ticket spontaneously since it wasn't costly. A few weeks later, we were on our way to this Nordic city that won me over.



Copenhagen is the capital and biggest city of Denmark and nevertheless, I never felt to be in a "big city". We were far from skyscrapers, of the too much pressed rhythm of life, heap of people on pavements, clouds of pollution …Copenhagen is a city where I truly felt at ease. The atmosphere is friendly, the architecture is incredible and moreover, the capital was named the most green in 2014. The public transit is in fact really popular but cycling everywhere wins the palm which adds a certain charm to the county's capital. I sojourned in Copenhagen for only a weekend but loved my experience and what I saw which brings me to share with you my 5 must-see attractions.


1. Nyhavn and Christianshavn

Completely charming districts which remind us of Amsterdam with small houses corded on the edge of a stream. It is magnificent to linger in this part of town. Cafés and restaurants are abundant in Nyhavn: do not hesitate to be tempted! Frankly, it is THE spot of Copenhagen that you do not want to miss!



2. Street Food Market

This market housed by street food is located on Pairoen island, right in front of Nyhavn. They converted a former paper warehouse in a place where several street food trucks are gathered to offer delicious dishes of almost everywhere in the world. You will find as well Danish typical dishes, Mexican dishes, vegetarian options, etc. The market is opened summer and winter alike, having the choice of eating outside on the dock when the temperature allows it or inside if the weather calls for cold weather conditions. Honestly, I really liked the concept, and moreover, I really indulged myself!!!!!





3. Rundertarn (round tower)

The round tower in itself has nothing exceptional, set apart the fact whether it is the oldest monitoring center of Europe still in service! What is the most impressive, is the view which we have of Copenhagen from the tower. The entrance fee isn't too expensive, then after a small ascent in a spiral staircases, a fantastic view over Copenhagen takes shape in front of your eyes.



4. Little mermaid

This statue representing the character of the little mermaid, famous from Hans Christian Andersen's tale became today the symbol of Denmark. It is a little the equivalent of Manneken Pis of Belgium. Yes, I believe it is necessary to see it from your own eyes if you ever stop by Denmark's capital. However, I must warn you: she is relatively small (approximately 1,25m high), and she is situated in a place a little more distant from the city center. There is however an attractive park very close by a small walk is indeed welcoming and refreshing.


5.  Tivoli Gardens

Tivoli is a very popular amusement park which attracts an incredible number of visitors every year. We find roller coasters, diverse attractions, concerts, events, etc. During my time in Copenhagen, I was not lucky enough (did not have the opportunity) to go because it was unfortunately closed because of the installation of Christmas decorations. Having said that, I encourage you strongly to go! Even through the fences which surround the park, it gives you an amazing sight! 

Other things you should know:

  • Best way to discover the city: by foot or by bike
  • Currency : Danish Krone. Plan a higher budget, Denmark is a country rather expensive for travelers.
  • 3-4 days are sufficient to visit the city. There are in fact several museums that are worth the look.

BTW : Dress yourself according to the weather! It's a Scandinavian country in the end so you might get chilly! Thus, bring a few layers of clothes!

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