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It’s really getting cold outside! When it’s time to get dressed, I just want to pull on a sweater, slip my feet into a pair of slippers and wrap myself in a big warm blanket. Am I the only one who feels this way? I obviously (unfortunately) can’t go to work in such an outfit and you probably can’t either. With that in mind, here are a few looks using wardrobe staples that strike the perfect balance between office appropriate attire and comfort wear. Simple changes can be made to adapt these outfits to your work environment.

1. Fur

Faux fur lends itself well to a look that’s both professional and comfortable. I especially like the versatility of a sleeveless jacket: wear it over a cardigan, a light pullover sweater or a shirt. It’s an easy way to complete an outfit while staying warm. In my opinion, recycled fur is the way to go!


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2. The pullover sweater

Ah the pullover! It is, beyond the shadow of a doubt, my favourite clothing item for wintertime. It’s just so soft and comfy and warm. I’d wear one everyday, if I could.



My typical weekend-wear includes a pullover sweater, wool socks and colourful leggings (with or without a motif). For the office, I favour neutral coloured pullovers worn with a pair of lined leggings, a necklace and high heel boots. You can definitely create a polished look with the right accessories.

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3. The cardigan

Cardigans are my definite must-have. You can create an almost infinite number of looks with a neutral-coloured cardigan. On really cold days, I like to wear a t-shirt with a woolen cardigan and a scarf. Worn with a chic pair of boots, this is my combo par excellence for the office.


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4. Accessories

On those days when I need to look chic, I rely upon accessories for a polished look. I’ll either wear a scarf or a pretty collar that coordinates with my outfit (and keeps me warm), or a large scarf that I can wear as a shawl and remove as needed. By the by, I keep a black scarf at the office in case of need. It can’t replace the comfort of a warm blanket but it does the trick!  ;)


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