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About a year ago, I would do my nails every single week. It was a way for me to take some time off and pamper myself, but also a way to express my creativity (love nail art!). Eventually though, my nails got very fragile and brittle to a point where I had to stop and give them a break (and a very long one at that). They were never strong to begin with, so I was never able to grow them out and no treatment seemed to strengthen them (let’s just say that my only chance at ever having long nails is to wear fake ones). 

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So, when I discovered Sally Hansen’s new Color Therapy line of nail polishes, I was stocked! The whole idea behind the line is to take care of yourself both inside and outside (having a beautiful mind inside a beautiful body). In order to achieve this, Sally Hansen infused their nail polishes with 3 different oils: argan, acai and evening primrose. So, while you wear some of the most beautiful hues (with names such as Chaï on Life, Ohm My Magenta and Aura’nt You Relaxed) the different oils treat your nails and help keep them healthy and growing strong. 


When I was at the event, manicurists were present for us to try out the new formula and Sally Hansen surprised me with a special twist on their sparkly polishes: they have a dual chrome effect (meaning the sparkles switch between 2 colors according to how the light hits them). I mean how pretty is the above color (Reflection Pool) with its shades of turquoise and purple (total mermaid vibes)! 


But the real question was: are these polishes long lasting and are they actually gonna make a difference with my nails' overall health? To be fair, the manicurist at the event only put on two very thin layers of nail polish (I mean, I usually put double what she put), so that specific manicure didn’t last very long (maybe 2 days before major chips appeared). So, I decided to give it another go at home by applying 2 coats of ‘’Slick and Stones’’, shown above, (with its bronze and purple duo chrome effect, it’s the perfect shade for Halloween!). That one lasted 5 days before the first big chip (and I worked with my hands a lot) so, I’m very pleased with that! I was also super chocked at how easy it was to remove these sparkly nail polishes and how soft my nails were after (they’re usually so dry)!

My verdict: love them! They're worth the extra dollars! If you’re like me and have very fragile nails, this is the ideal line of polishes to treat yourself to a little guilt-free at home spa/manicure experience! 

What about you? What are your tips and tricks to strengthen your nails?

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