As a teenager, push-up bras were the fashion. I remember how after each shopping session with my friends, we had to stop by La Senza and try some… the most colourful, with sparkle and lots of support… the better. Then, I tamed myself. I now wear lace, neutral colours and most importantly without any push-up. I realize how regardless of what the porn industry tells us, breasts aren't supposed to be round, both both shouldn't be close to one another or stuck under your neck. Oh no. I then asked myself why was I stubborn in wanting to make them look in their natural habitat. Was it to prove something to myself or to others?


Breasts are beautiful. Regardless of their size or shape, big or small, round or not. More women today choose to reject the traditional bra for a bralette and I assure you that even if you wear an A cup or bigger, a bralette is the best thing that was ever invented. I'm a C cup and I never fell a lack of support whenever I wear a bralette. Today, I'm wearing an ensemble from Barbe Rose who makes sexy lingerie with no underwiring. Of a form that looks like a swimsuit, soft fabrics all made by hand and they're all comfortable. I received two ensemble which I constantly wear. With its cloth band which is large enough around the bust, it's more than solid. Evidently, I can't say if these would be great if you're a D cup, I guess the only way to know would be to try them on, but I'm sure there are bralette models available for you. Fret not.

Aside of bralettes, I often wear soft bra with an underwire and keep one or two models underwire-free for days when I'm wearing sheer clothes, since I find that bralette is a tad harder to pull off with some tops…

You have to understand that we, women,  should wear what our heart desires with our "girls" and I'll never stop you from wearing push-up bras, far from that. I just realized how the latter wasn't for me anymore.


_DSC7143 IMG_6218

We're wearing:

Lingerie: Barbe Rose

Necklace : Lila&Zuri

MUA : Cindy Contreras

Photos of Viv by: Vikki Snyder

Photos of Camille by : Guillaum

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