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I don’t know about you guys, but once in a while I need a cheat day.  The colder the weather gets the lazier I get.  I’m sure I am not the only one who wants to stay cozy and bundle up in front of Netflix.  This week it was very cold and my sofa was calling for a few lazy days.  So, it all started by me visiting Walmart the day after Halloween for some 50% off candy.  After shopping for candy, I was in a Halloween mood so horror movies and horror TV shows were my go-tos.  Before I get on with this article, I felt the need to share what I watched, and, of course, if you love to be scared here are two Netflix suggestions for you.  The first one is a movie by Stephen King called Gerald’s Game. The second is a Canadian TV show called Slasher.  This cheat day didn’t only involve food but also my hair and outfit, because any fashionista feels “attire lazy” once in a while.

It wouldn’t be a cheat day if it wouldn’t involve a lot of junk food.  So, I didn’t only eat candies I also ended up eating vegan donuts picked up at this little shop in Buffalo called Fry Baby (I often visit Buffalo since my boyfriend lives there).  I enjoy eating vegan from time to time because I am lactose intolerant and I often have to avoid any type of pastries, so vegan food is often a positive alternative diet.  Also for some reason when something is vegan it always sounds healthier.  That donut didn’t really feel like cheating because it was “vegan” but yes unfortunately it was as heavy as a normal donut (booooo!).

As I said, a lazy day is not all about food. As you may know, I am fashion obsessed, so I need to talk about the outfit involved in this inactive day.  I can’t really be lazy when it comes to my outfit but it can look effortless. Can it? An outfit always starts with the hair.  I remember as a teenager being jealous of those actresses with a messy bun.  It looked so easy! Like they had put no effort into it and I mean, we all know their hairdresser did it.  The messy bun was my go to for this outfit.  After a few tries, I mastered my “effortless” hair-do.  And you need to know I always straighten my hair, but for the messy bun I didn’t feel like it was necessary.

Now for the outfit.  Apart from ripped jeans I rarely wear any jeans.  It’s not that I don’t like them, they are simply too neutral for my fancy taste.  Since it was a cheat day, I decided to wear simple classic blue jeans with a white cami.  This would be too simple of an outfit for a fashion addict so I needed at least one fashion forward item.  The oversized sweater is fashion forward but looks as effortless as the messy bun.  I didn’t choose the classic over the head oversized knit. I went with a knit sweater with extra-large sleeves. This 70’s inspired top was my fashion forward item.  This type of shirt with enhanced sleeves is very trendy at the moment, but it’s the first time I had encountered it as a knit sweater and I definitely had to own it.

We all need a lazy cheat day once in a while, or what looks like a day where you slacked on every aspect of your life.  Overall, my food, my hair and my outfit felt like a perfect scene of a melodramatic romantic comedy movie.  What would be your ideal junk food for a day like this? Let us know in the comment section below.

Pictures by: Tom Morrison

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