I'm having an Adele moment with my coat, my pensive gaze and the cold wind who whispers I should probably buy some St-Hubert for dinner. Hello, it's me, "I'd like a quarter leg with a traditional coleslaw on the side to go please. Thank you." However, there is something that makes me nostalgic when the time comes of wearing a fall coat and a scarf. As if when I put my coat on, I get ready of saying good bye to 2015; the same feeling whenever to you put your coat on and try to quietly exit from someone's apartment after a one night stand. 

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With this gloomy weather comes a seasonal depression. One of my friends once told me: "Grey weather pisses me off as much as a screaming kid at a restaurant", when an other admitted "I simply wish to watch Home Alone while I enjoy a birthday cake with this inscription: Happy 7th birthday Renaud"; his name isn't even Renaud. Living proof gloomy weather is depressing. Yet, a girlfriend of mine actually told me she indeed loves whenever the sun brightens our day but it pushes her to take time for herself as well". In truth, she is damn right.



I hate fall, if ever you doubt me, here's another living proof! Still, now's the time of year where there are no leaves, it's too cold to say we're still in Autumn nor we can say it's winter by the absence of snow… it's pretty much the perfect moment to simply take a break. Before the Hunger Games' Holiday Edition will eat you alive, scroll down you Instagram page and enjoy these amazing moments from the past months and give yourself a well deserved high five for surviving this year. Whether is about your final week, final papers, your new job, a bad breakup, moving out or countless hangovers; just remind yourself that you're one step closer to retirement!

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For sure there were moments in 2015 where you had the impression of drowning (if you're currently living through your semester's final week, I COMPLETELY understand you). But you'll be just fine. Time won't stand still and you'll have to find a way to go through with it. Like a grown up. You're a grown up, right? Anyways, take out your boots, coat, scarf and go play outside. Look up to the sky and breathe a little. If you need extra motivation because your life's a mess,  click here . You're gonna make it.

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Stay strong x.

Coat : Topman

Sweater : Jack & Jones

Pants : GAP

Boots : La Baie

Photos : Sarah Emily St-Gelais

Hair and makeup : Kellie Arlene Farfan

Location : Vieux-Port de Montréal

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