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The words Parisian and chic go hand in hand, as if one doesn’t bear any significance without the other. In all seriousness, women all across the globe are chic and gorgeous in their unique way, but there is something in that Parisian nonchalance that always has us a tad envious and plenty inquisitive. How do they do it is the question on the mind of every woman who’s ever dreamed of looking as effortlessly striking as a typical Parisienne. Well, we might not be able to fly you to Paris and give you a real-life taste of the life and style, but hopefully these tips will help you channel your inner Parisian wherever you are.

Don’t take it too seriously

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When it comes to looking the part, a typical Parisian considers that whatever she’s wearing at a given moment is good enough for any occasion that might ensue. They don’t stress about date-night outfits – whatever you have on will do. The secret is to never look like you’re trying too hard, and it’s achieved by precisely doing that – not trying too hard. They say ‘there’s no such thing as overdressed’ – a French girl would beg to differ.

Dazzling without effort?

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One may wonder how is that even doable and the answer is simple. If you wish to avoid a meltdown every time you try to create an outfit, think about your attire choices beforehand – when shopping for them. French girls are famous for their love of basics, and they make sure they’re never out of high-quality basics and timeless pieces. They also shop smartly, and never on a whim. That means that when she’s browsing for, say, a blouse, she will go through her closet mentally and see how that blouse fits into the big picture. If you purchase clothes that are easy to mix and match, and that simply mesh well together, you’ll get it right without exceptions, and with plenty of time to spare.


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In terms of specific pieces that are in the permanent staple section, a classic trench coat goes without saying. It is often followed by a motto jacket, classic jeans (made to fit, if it doesn’t fit perfectly it’s a disaster). White shirts, plenty of regular tees, classic crew sweaters, chic blazers and plenty of eternally chic wide leg pants and culottes – that’s your base, and don’t stray too far from it.

As simple as it gets

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As opposed to most modern women, Parisian girls aren’t as obsessed with covering up every little flaw, like crow’s feet – a sign of a life full of both laughter and tears. Make no mistake, they take extra good care of their skin, but again, with as minimal an effort in terms of the amount of products as possible. They are true to the tried and tested brands used by their moms. You will always find a little Clinique on their vanity tables, and plenty of gorgeous and natural goodies such as hand creams and lotions by L’occitane in their purses. This is precisely why the heavy makeup obsession hasn’t had much of an impact on them. They nurture their beauty with simple and natural skincare products, and if they happen to wake up with dark circles, they will not jump through hoops to get rid of them. They give the face character, they say.

Low maintenance all the way


Woke up like this in terms of hair is a mantra that is certainly true for Parisian girls. This doesn’t mean that they don’t make regular visits to their favorite hairdressers, but they’re more concerned with having healthy hair and a hairdo that’s easy to maintain than the ‘wow’ factor. They look for the kind of hair color and do that’s low-maintenance, styles that can easily be replicated at home.

There is one thing…

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Parisian girls may not be covered in statement jewelry, but the mighty Coco did leave her mark, and the bond between the girl and her pearls is an unbreakable one. You won’t spot her rocking it every day perhaps, but she owns it and will put it whenever she feels like it – perhaps on the most uneventful of days. Finally, never leave your home without a great bag on your shoulder. They don’t accessorize in abundance, but not carrying a statement bag is a sin a Parisian never commits.

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