For those of you who haven’t read about my Champion’s challenge, I’m inviting your by starting your read here. So here I am, at my second training week at Epix studio in Montreal. I think, it’s been many years that I haven’t felt my muscles like today and that may be a good thing!

Je suis tombée amoureuse de ce chien au Studio Epix ! #dog #dogs #gym #montreal #santé #training #health

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Tuesday, I attended Epix Upper Body class with my friends : “A combination of intensive cardiovascular intervals on a treadmill with a circuit resistance exercise in strength and endurance that focuses on the pectoral, back and abdominal muscles to tone, strengthen and sculpt the upper body.” I don’t know if you’re like me, but when I’m exercising, I have the tendency of working more on my cardio and abs. As for my arms, I’m always scared they’ll end up bigger quickly and to transform myself into a man’s body. What? I’m probably not the only here! My little trick? I lift lighter weights and I do more sets, which means my muscles will be longer and less swollen.

Friday, in order to start the weekend on a killer note, we went back around 5:30 pm for Epix Full Body class: ” The name says it all. The aim is to target every muscle group of the body for an intensive and complete work-out. This class will always be diverse and varied, using a combination of intensive cardiovascular intervals, different equipment and muscular exercises for a solid, toned and fit body. If you’re ready for a challenge, this course is for you. ” I really love the fact that all of muscles were needed during the class.

Why do I love Studio Epix? Because once I step inside the studio, I get this energy that pushes me to do the excises fully and intensely. I don’t have this half-done feeling, I’m all in. It’s always better to go with friends cause if I’d go by myself, I won’t obtain the same results!

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If you want to train like an athlete and still be comfortable, you need to find great quality clothes. I’m not joking here. Since I started my training at Epix Studio, I’m always testing my  Champion ensemble and it has never disappointed me. At Epix Studio, you’re allowed to only wear a sports bra, which is super comfortable, but at the end, I love to put one layer back in order to hide my little tummy. This sweater is perfect. In fact, I usually stay in my gym clothes after a workout, I prefer to take my shower once I’m home, I’m not that capricious but I only have that one rule! The bra supports my little girls that well that I don’t have the necessity to cover myself and by doing so, I don’t feel as hot… even when it gets crazy hot in the studio!

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