Among the many things I love about my work, I mean you test new products, do press trips, and most importantly, you discover new restaurants. Montreal is so rich culinary-wise, that I find ourselves truly lucky. And I find myself grateful to have the chance, through work, to be aware of new spots that open and have often the occasion to go and test them out. It's even better when the latter isn't too far from the office. Which was the case last week, Camille and I went for brunch at Caribou Gourmand, a baby that just opened its doors on St-Laurent, in the Mile-End borough (corner Maguire). Well right away, we knew the owners were French, just with the name and obviously we were greeted by a couple of French who freshly immigrated to Montreal 4 years ago and now have opened this restaurant. I was pleasantly surprised by our meal. Moreover, the philosophy and ethic of the restaurant truly spoke to us: everything is homemade and they use local ingredients. Guillaume, the co-owner and chef, told us that he goes to get his meat and fruits at Marché Jean Talon. The bread comes from a bakery in the Mile-End district, etc and we love to hear that.. Moreover, there have special prices on beer during happy hour, I mean just for that it's worth a visit. Prices are affordable for the quality of the meals, if you wish to know about the food, you can check their menu right here. 

Here's an overview of what we had. You need to know that many of the ingredients may change according on what we find at the food market or simply if it was the chef's inspiration. That say, the meat and fish dishes are always on the menu but are never the same. 

We started by a small cucumber and avocado gazpacho that was so refreshing, which was perfect since the weather was pretty hot on that so-say day. 

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Subsequently, we were served a carpaccio of beets. I think I ate three-quarters of the plate all to myself because I love beets and I found it original to serve this dish with grapes and pecans. No?

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Then, we shared a plate of cold cuts that had black pudding and pork belly with had a fancy name I have forgotten. My apologies. It was the first time I tried blood pudding and I didn't regret it, it was really tasty, but it wouldn't be something I'll order by myself next time I'm at a restaurant. 

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Our favourite dish? Salmon gravlax beets, served with chips bagel (St-Viateur course) with capers and horseradish cream. I could have eaten three, honestly, it was just perfect and delicious. In addition, the plate is beautiful (very instagrammable!)

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After all those appetizers, we still have place for the plat de résistance: Tuna tataki with steak spice with carrot puree and honey, served on a crunchy Asian salad. As we love fish, we were really spoiled during the meal.

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At the end, we were at the edge to exploding, but we couldn't resist the idea of having a dessert. Kudos to the well acidulous and delicious lemon pie. Yummy.

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We'll come back, that's a given!

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