I'm back to Montreal after my stay spent in Tahiti (which I shall write about in a near future). We often say how lucky I am for being able to travel for work and that's a given. I have a love-hate relationship with that word: luck. I've worked really heard to be where I am right night and yes, it was the right place-place-right-time moment, but life isn't all about luc. I'm now back in my office, in my loft at Codmorse with co-workers that I adore. First day back at the office after spending countless ones in shorts and swimsuits, might as well be honest about it, I don't look forward of dressing myself in the morning before heading to work. It seems that we don't want to part ways with our traveling habits that quickly. I feel lucky that we don't have a dress code at work, which means I can wear ripped jeans and slippers if my heart desires. I'm aware it isn't the case for everybody. We're in a tropical destination and it doesn't take long before one seems comfortable to wear loose fitted clothes and being in sandals all day long. 

I'm then presenting you an office look! I obviously had to play with spring colours for the occasion: blue and pink. It's an outfit that can be worn both to work and to happy hour since this dress is sensual, but in a classic cut. I truly love the fabric of the garment which perfectly hides our underwear and also really comfortable even if the latter is figure-hugging. As for the blazer, oversized ones with a fluid cut will be in trend this summer so might as well get a few ones and be ready for spring.

_DSC9072 _DSC9106 _DSC9061

I'm wearing:
Blazer – Le Château
Dress – Le Château
Pumps – Le Château
Bag – Le Château
Watch – Olivia Burton
Location – Projet Atala – 6835 Chateaubriand 
Photos – Vikki Snyder


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