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When I was a kid I used to be obsessed with patches, each time I would make a hole in my jeans my mom and I would go to Westmount (Montreal neighbourhood) to a sewing shop and I would get to choose a patch to patch the hole in my pants.  My mom would always tell me that there is a solution to everything whether it was fixing a smudge in a drawing or simply patching up the holes in my favourite jeans with the cutest patches.  I know, I know I have the coolest mother (and she’s not up for adoption).  Well guess what patches are back, back and trendy.  A lot of stores sell denim pants and jackets filled with them.  There is no secret that this is the easiest DIY project.  Patches aren’t only cool for denim.  My boyfriend and I have been buying patches of flags from the countries we’ve visited and have been applying them to our pack sac.  The problem with this style is the age group; it can quickly become an infantile look.  Since like I said before I used to be a child when me and my mom would do patch work on my jeans HAHA.  SO, it’s about the outfit! How to look your age with a cool patched outfit?

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Let’s start the outfit idea with the story of my denim coat; to be more precise the denim coat I am wearing in the pictures of this article.  While travelling last summer I came across this jacket filled with patches and I just knew I had to purchase it.  When I travel I love to shop, I feel like the fashion overseas is way more current than here.  By that I mean; WE ARE SO 2010.  What was trendy there last summer is finally here.  Oh but, Canada I still love you.  So to come back with the outfit idea… I love to mix and match my denim jacket with a fairly fancy outfit.  The jacket looks amazing with a classy jumpsuit or a simple maxi dress.  Since the jacket is the statement piece what ever you are wearing underneath should be simple.  In the pictures of this article I am wearing a black turtle neck from 8th & Main and Lululemon classic black leggings.  I accessorized with another retro piece; Mink Pink’s pink (Too much pink? Never enough pink who am I kidding!) mirror sunglasses.  I think if you are wearing this type of jacket you should at least play into the retro corky act till the end. That is why I decided to also wear a pastel lilac lipstick.

Obviously I can’t write a whole article on retro denim without sharing my new lipstick purchases.  I love MAC.  I’m not sure how much my boyfriend loves them though.  Each time I go to a MAC boutique I come back with the weirdest colour on my lips.  I don’t dare much when it comes to makeup but lipstick I do.  So this time I came back home with a statement, a pastel statement. And guess what? It is the perfect fit for my denim friends and it is also the lipstick I am rocking in the pictures of this article (Amplified Courting Seduction by MAC Cosmetics).  The other lip product I wanted to share with you guys is the Lime Crime liquid lipstick.  I have been waiting patiently for Lime Crime to make its way to Canada for about a year now.  Their liquid lipstick is really opaque compared to a typical lip gloss format and it is matte which makes me really happy.  It does leave your lips a tad dry but I now apply vaseline on my lips before wearing it which gets rid of the dryness.  

Will you dare a patch DIY? I think it is the cheapest way to be retro this season. 

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