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I love writing stories of young and inspiring entrepreneurs and today I won’t stray away task once more. Indeed, this outfit post is in part due with a collaboration between The Booklet and  Le Manoir Coquetterie, a beauty salon that is located downtown Montreal and also being transformed into the perfect spot for young ladies searching for great beauty care… and somewhere to shop! I met the owner, Émilie Rose, more than two years ago. I didn’t go to write an article back in the day. We just talked for a while, about our career paths, our visions and challenges that awaits us. Émilie is the type of person who isn’t afraid to speak her mind, her concerns, her success and her failures without holding back. Is it because she lives in a mostly girl environment where the latter only blab about everything? Maybe. It just clicked. I also noticed a small kiosk where she sold clothes in the back of her local on St. Catherine street. A small space, very discreet, as if it was only known to the regular shoppers. Back in the day, she didn’t think her salon would one day become a boutique! It is now the case. It’s true that in this part of town boutique offering this type of clothes are pretty rare. I remember, when I was a student at UQAM, if I needed to find something and quick, I would have to take the metro all the way downtown… now, you don’t have to anymore my dear ladies, Le Manoir is only located a street away from St-Laurent street! In fact, they also have great new spring arrivals which can be perfect if the season actually comes in the near future. For today’s look, I’m wear a maxi velour dress with a floral print. I know this is a pretty audacious outfit that may not be everyone’s style, but that’s Le Manoir: you can find as much basic than “out of the box” pieces in order to create an outfit that won’t go unnoticed. Speaking of which, I bought a month ago a Cheap Monday pair of jeans that are indeed so comfortable!


I have a little obsession for turtle necks lately, or just high collars. It brings an unexplainable chic appeal to the dress. For spring, naturally we want a little more skin to show, so I love the opening on the shoulders, which gives the dress a beautiful silhouette.

The outfit:
Dress – Manoir Coquetterie
Hat – H&M
Sandals – Aldo
Photographer – Sarah Emily

Makeup – Jessica Branchaud-Meneses

Hair – Audrey Narbonne


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