Simplicity can easily rime with style. In fact, sometimes less is always better. Simplicity is far from boring. Since I’m back at the office after spending the holidays aways during Christmas, I started to wear my businesswoman attire such as my pencil skirts and blouses. Then, I’m so happy to put my beloved jeans on once the weekend shows itself… or to break a rule and wear them anyways once I’m sick of it after meetings throughout the day, you just gotta enjoy the life of having your own web agency. However, jeans don’t necessarily mean you’re giving up so here’s an outfit that you can wear both  at the office – if your dress code allows you, of course – and during the weekend.

2014 12 18_15_14B
2014 12 18_15_13
2014 12 18_15_15B
2014 12 18_15_07
2014 12 18_15_11
2014 12 18_15_12B

I’ll be honest here, when we took these pictures, I wasn’t sure what the result was going to be like. Oh yeah, it happens even to us bloggers, even if we shoot outfit posts often. However, I can’t say this enough, but my formidable team and  Michelle Gagné, my talented photographer, was able to take great photo and edit them with success (I’m talking about color here not my body) in order to give them that little edge which I can’t even fathom! She’s so talented!

2014 12 18_15_04
2014 12 18_15_05B
2014 12 18_15_03B
The outfit:

Jacket – Boutique Onze

Top – Boutique La Penderie

Glasses – Clearly Contacts

Jeans – Second Jeans

Boots – Aldo

Earrings – Mejuri
2014 12 18_15_06
2014 12 18_15_01B
2014 12 18_15_02

Since December, we’ve been working in collaboration with makeup artists who help us change our appearance according to the outfits. Even if I’m pretty good with the brush myself, I can’t say I’m as creative as my makeup artist Jessica Branchaud-Meneses, oh hell no. She often has great ideas which I would never have thought! For this outfit, she also opted for something simple by going with a light pink lipstick and a subtle black eyeliner. Furthermore, with the glasses you can’t do too much with the eye since the glasses are enormous. They kind of remind me of my mom’s glasses and for that reason I just love them. Shout out to its round shape, love it!

2014 12 18_15_08
2014 12 18_15_09B
2014 12 18_15_10

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