I’ve been living for over five years in Montreal. I am in love with my city. I’m faithful to my island and try to buy my clothes here as often as I can. Even if I’m sold with the online shopping sphere, I love to support local boutiques and  getting to know the owners of the latter, whom had decided to live with passion their love for fashion and created unique spaces to bring their projects to life. It’s the case with the Petite Rebelle boutique on the Plaza St-Hubert. Speaking of which, if you head down at the Plaza, you’d discover I’d written three fashion articles for their webzine in french (read them HERE). In one of them, I’d talked about 5 trends to follow for the summer and one of the three was about the sporty look. Easy for me to take photos to illustrate I was once an athlete swimmer. The Sporty Spice in me had a blast while jumping all over the place to capture the perfect shot (all thanks to my amazing photographer Laurie-Anne Thuot to have succeeded in capturing that perfect moment). At Petite Rebelle, I’ve chose a simple grey skirt paired with a coral belt, a 3/4 sleeves white top, but I’ve especially opted for shoes that had a sneakers effect. Would you dare to wear running shoes daily during the hot season?

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As a teenager, nobody could have predicted that Camille was going to end up working in the fashion universe. Little weirdo, she was wearing a...

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