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Well Valentine's Day is upon us, only 4 short days away! I don't know about you, but I already made plans with my boyfriend in order to have a romantic evening. We have established a system over the years: one year I'm the one who plans it, the other, it's his turn. This year, the task falls me. Our plan? We'll have breakfast at Strom Spa and enjoy the baths, then we'll go to Laser Quest just to become kids for a few hours then we'll end our day with an amazing dinner… that will take place at a secret location. I can't say more since he might read this article.

I always love to surprise my other half with sexy lingerie. I doesn't change our dynamic, but it shows him that I put more effort for this night. We've been together for over three years now, he knows everything about me, yet I love to spice things up once in awhile. This week, on La Vie en Rose's website, there's a complete section dedicated for Valentine's Day. You'll find lingerie that will suit any types of girls, from the cutie pie to a more masculine ensemble. I opted for two feminine ensembles. One more women looking (aka my favourite) and one that looks it was made for a younger woman. Personally, I love going to bed with a baby doll pajama, I find the latter comfortable and cute. 

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The second ensemble is more on the cute side. The latter had a bra with straps bands under the girls which give a tank top effect paired with  lacy knickers. Pretty sexy if you ask me. It will please the ladies who love colors and a girly look.

2016 01 27_4570BI'm Wearing:

Clothes – La Vie en Rose

Location – Hôtel W

MUA – Annie Bessette using Nars

Photos by – Michelle Gagné

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