I know we don’t wanna hear about it, however, fall is upon us. Already. I just can’t deal with that. Even if that won’t change my life. I’ll continue working on gazillions of projects. For others, this means going back to school. I don’t long this period, even if I found the latter being magical and stimulating, but I won’t go back.

I love to learn, but I have a very sharp autodidact side. Before, I’ve never said it, I didn’t know I have. I never understood why I would fall asleep in class, why I found it long and boring and regardless of the fact it was indeed interesting. I’m an active woman, I need to move constantly, but I also wish to learn something new everyday. Always. I’m curious by nature. The first year of school, I didn’t want anything to do with it. I wanted to work and show my knowledge during my internships or even back in school. Now, I have fun whenever I feel the need to learn something new about fields in which I never thought I peak my interest at some point. I’m also very proud of my best friend, Viv, who’s currently doing your MBA. For the moment, I doesn’t appeal to me personally. I’d also admit that I have a busy and crazy schedule which means this would be way too much on my plate to manage.

I don’t miss school, but whenever I chat with something who’s currently there and tells me how exciting he is to be out of there one day, I can’t hold myself from saying how he should enjoy the experience to the fullest. To live each moments. Create friendships because these ones will last a lifetime. We always wish to live a thousand miles per hour. We want a fast paste life and I’m the first one to blame. Yes, we only have one life and we should appreciate each moments, but I’m scared we actually look the other way in order to regain something that is invisible. I don’t want to be part of this race. I’m giving myself as a fall resolution to enjoy life to the fullest. I’m inviting you to do the same.

Without further ado, here’s an appropriate look for back to school season with Meemoza!

The outfit:
Clothes – Meemoza
Neckclace – Bijoux Pépine
Boots – L’intervalle
Photos :Les Productions REC
Hair and makeup  : Jessica Branchaud Meneses 

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Val's Look : Boho Or Not, Ready For Back to School!