The 5 to 7 continue this week by featuring Meemoza (the details of the event are HERE), a designer that I love and who has become a friend of mine over the years. Emilia is the kind of girl that everyone wants to be around: cheerful, smiling, approachable and so on. Meemoza is a brand made in Quebec, designed here with the values that many Quebecers share: concern for ecology since all the clothes are made from soft textiles for the environment.


Today I’m showing  you a look live from Mexican. Yes, I took photos of the first night I arrived here in the lobby of the Hotel Now Amber Puerto Vallarta. As many of you have probably seen on my social networks, I am here for the filming of capsules for the FLARE Magazine and Air Transat. You can read more about this project soon (I can not wait to be able to talk about it !!!). To see the video, it’s HERE.


Details about the night:

❣ Exclusive discount: 15% off all of the collections presented that evening.
❣ Private shopping
❣ A talk with the designer about her collection, her creative process, and how she makes the clothes
❣ Apps, drinks and music


❣ Thursday May 21

❣ The studio at the corner of
436 de Bienville (corner Rivard)

❣ The [email protected] MM are reserved to the members of #ListeMMM (
Les [email protected] MMM sont réservés aux membres de la #ListeMMM (registration $35 for access to all 5 @ 7, all year)
1. Subscription to #ListeMMM
2. Reserve your spot for the 5 @ 7 by marking ‘going’ event on Facebook
3. Must show your membership ID card at the entrance to get in

Subscribe to their newsletter for MMM here:

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