I just came back from my trip and I have to admit it's hard to put a look together in the morning nowadays. During my vacation, I would put whatever I had in my suitcase. Limited choices, which was perfect. Yes, after two weeks, I've explored pretty much all options more than once and I knew by heart which piece would go well with an other. I was okay with that. Now I'm back in the homeland. I feel like I'm dealing with a puzzle. A puzzle I usually love, but as of now, is a head-scratcher. I don't have enough time, I'm still jet lag and I need to pack another suitcase for NYC. I need time to create new outfits for my upcoming trip yet, I simply don't have that luxury at the moment. 

And I have this dress. A cute simple green dress, you know the type where you put it on without asking any question because deep down you know the latter will perfectly fall and will fit any occasion. When I saw the latter during our latest photo shoot, it reminded me of a dress I long ago had in my closet and wore obsessively until it was worn out. Yeah, I'm the type of girl who'd wear her clothes til they fall apart. 

There are times when putting a look together becomes more of a chore anything else, you then need to choose from your favourite pieces, basics that you know you'll still love in 10, 15 or even 20 years from now. That say, we automatically feel great and you're all set. Are you like me as well?




I'm wearing:

Dress: BYoung

Pumps: ALDO

Necklace: Twenty Compass

Bag: Rudsak

Photos by: Vikki Snyder

Location: Le Castelnau




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