Finding THE perfect holiday dress can be a head scratcher, am I right? During the upcoming month, you’ll be faced with numerous options on the blog. You probably noticed how I have a soft spot for anything with an open back. It’s my signature I guess. But honestly, I stopped with over thinking about this one dress since before I’d buy an item that has an intricate print that can only be worn with ONE type of shoes or ONE type of anything just to own a one hit wonder that would only be worn once. I now choose simpler dresses with cuts that will enhance my curves. I prefer to have fun in terms of accessories because these will be my own matching and creating process that will show off my personal fashion style with infinite possibilities. I don’t even care if someone shows up wearing the same dress as mine, but if the key pieces of my outfits are my jewelry, my look becomes utterly unique. That said, it is why my looks with lots of accessories were under the spotlight in the social medias over the past few weeks.

I have many favorites in terms of accessories, but I have to admit I particularly affectionate WellDunn jewelry. It’s more than the talent behind the creations that I fell in love with. It’s the woman behind the brand, original collection, the excellent jewelry quality and designs that aren’t too conventional.


*** In order to benefit from their new mini-collection L’Avent from ItswellDunn jewelry, Domonique Dunn -the designer- and I have worked in collaboration to offer you two pieces of your own choosing. To participate, it’s simple, you only need to follow my  my Instagram account and Itswelldunn , like this Instagram picture and tag two of your friends in the picture’s commentary section. Till now, it’s not rocket science. The difficult task will be to only choose two pieces from our collection since the latter is beyond amazed balls. You have till 5pm this Friday to participate. Good luck!

2015 11 06_02_022015 11 06_02_07
2015 11 06_02_012015 11 06_02_06B
2015 11 06_02_08

I’m wearing:

Dress – Aritzia
Jewelry – Welldunn
Shoes – Aldo
Photos – Michelle Gagné Photography 
Hair and makeup – Kellie Arlene Farfan
Stylist – La ruche blanche
Location – Hotel Nelligan


 2015 11 06_02_04
2015 11 06_02_05B2015 11 06_02_03B

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