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There was a time where the majority thought that upon wearing a loose fitted bottom, you need something that is more fitted for the upper body and vice versa. As if wearing loose fitted clothes from head to do was to be avoid like the plague. I disagree here. On the contrary, I love to play with volume and texture. 

look ample cam

detail collier look ample

For today's look, I opted for a spring inspired look which I hope will quickly settles in Quebec. You wish to wear anything else than closed shoes with your bottom, yet don't want to opt for a short skirt? Here's an alternative then. For the last two years, I've been wearing gaucho pants more and more (they are midi-length and are wide leg). The latter are comfortable and offers a chic look in no time. For the office, wear today's featured with a pair of heels in order to elongate the leg but once the evening sets in, you can swap your footwear for flat sandals.

sandale printemps noire

In the above picture, I was having fun with a fluid and feminine top in shades of pink.

look ample cam rose

sacoche lechateau

Simple yet efficient; perfect for the office!

I'm wearing:

Clothes – Le Château

Booties – Le Château

Jewelry – Le Château

Purse – Le Château

Location – Projet Atala – 6835 Chateaubriand

Photos – Vikki

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