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There are timeless looks, I wear them since I started adulthood and I know I'll continue wearing them in several years. Why's that ? Because they are made with basic pieces that should be found in any young women's closet. 

1) Suede jacket

I know I may shock some, however, I've been wearing mines way too often (yes, plural). In winter, I wear the latter as a blazer at the office and once spring has arrived, it serves me as a coat. I have two beige, two brown and one black jacket. Today's one from LaMarque is versatile all thanks to its feminine cut. 

2) Black jeans

Jeans are the embodiment of comfort, but this type of pants may not be appropriate for work even if the latter is in a great dark blue shade. Why not go for a black pair of jeans instead? It does the job. Choose the cut wisely and change the latter if your jeans look too worn out.

3) White tee

You can wear it with everything. We know that, basic pieces are never what we see first once we go shopping, but what a mistake that is! A nice white tee easily replaces a blouse under your blazer and it's way more comfortable once summer comes if ever you're eating outside at lunchtime. Believe me.

4) Black high heels

I know those I'm wearing today aren't in the latest fashion. I was meant to be. They've been by my side for over 5 years now. They are comfortable and they'll always be. Not necessarily my best ones visually speaking, not only very trendy looking, but I can wear them without asking myself any questions.

5) Black evening bag

We want this accessory to go with all of my outfits, I want a pouch that will carry my phone, keys and it has to stay in place all night long. It can't be uncomfortable to carry during a night out, that's the absolute worst.

What are you essential pieces?






I'm wearing:

Jacket – LaMarque

Jeans – Un jean

Pumps- ALDO

Clutch- Jeane & Jax

MUA- Cindy Contreras

Photos by- Vikki Snyder


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