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As a teenager, nobody could have predicted that Camille was going to end up working in the fashion universe. Little weirdo, she was wearing a peruvian poncho (that she had stolen from her mother) everyday, her black baggy pants (we’ll let you imagine them) and her red converse. Funny combo? Yes it is. What people thought of it? She didn’t care. And this must be her biggest fashion aspect.
She wears what she likes because her clothes define her, not what people think of them. And that’s what she's wanted to share since the creation of her first fashion blog in 2008: everybody can talk about fashion and define it the way she or he wants, regardless of his or her bodyshape or their budget. Today, Camille’s look is still boho-inspired: she likes flowy pieces of clothing that move in the wind, long dresses and she also likes to wear tons of rings or knit sweaters. The Booklet is, for her, a new adventure in the fashion universe. She's written blog articles since 2008 and she is also responsible of the fashion segment of Libre Service, a TV show airing on MAtv. She has animated the live diffusion of the Montreal’s Fashion Week and the Fashion and Design Festival for three years. She’s also been animating the Fashion Jam for the last two years, the biggest Streetwear event in Quebec. 
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