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The first ever Louboutin Boutique in Quebec opened and lucky for us: it’s at Holt Renfrew Montreal! I had the opportunity to visit it upon its opening in late November and let me tell you: this store is so pretty! It exudes luxe and class. However, I think we can all agree that these cosmetic products are exorbitantly expansive and investing in one is no joke! I mean are we paying for high quality and highly performant goods or simply for the designer name? Luckily, I left the boutique with a few goodies and got to play around with them so as to see if they’re really worth the hype. So, if you want to know my opinion on whether or not you should splurge on them, then keep on reading!


Nail Polishes – $60

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Who could resist this perfect Rouge Louboutin shade? This is by far the glossiest and most resistant nail polish I ever wore (it lasted an entire week before the first chip)! The opacity of the formula is so insane I was surprised to see the nail technician applying a second coat (I guess it was necessary for its resistance and durability). Also, can we take a second to admire this packaging?  Not only is it edgy and stylish, but the shape of the bottle cap makes the application of the nail polish easier (it’s like holding a crayon and filling in the lines). This one is definitely worth the splurge!


Loubilaque – $115

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When I first set my eyes on this little beauty, I was completely mesmerised: literally the most beautiful packaging I’ve ever seen in my life! That’s why I was a bit sad when the product didn’t live up to my expectations. This lip lacquer is basically a highly-pigmented gloss, and yes, it’s not patchy, it’s not sticky and it’s easy to apply, I’ll give it that much. However, even when I line my lips and clean up the edges with concealer, the product feathers out (and after working hard on getting a clean perfect lip shape, no one wants their color to bleed). As much as I wanted for this to become my new favourite lip product, it unfortunately didn’t make the cut for me.


Parfums – $375

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Louboutin currently has 3 fragrances in their line of parfums and they all smell divine! First up is Bikini Questa Sera with hints of jasmine and tuberose; then Tornade Blonde with notes of red rose, violet and cassis (which I took home with me); and Trouble In Heaven which smells of patchouli, iris, tonka absolut and amber. I found that the smell of mine lingered on for the entire day and wore off beautifully (but then again, that also depends on the pH of your skin and how fast it’ll absorb the scent). The parfums are also available in the form of body oils (for $415) which weren’t greasy at all and left the skin velvety smooth. Also good to know that you can get a set with mini versions of all 3 parfums for $125 (which agrees better with our wallets)!


Which of these would you treat yourself to or add to your birthday gift list? Let me know in the comment section bellow!

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