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When it comes to makeup, I firmly believe you don’t need to spend a fortune in order to get highly performant products. Of course, it’s nice to treat yourself to a Too Faced eyeshadow palette or a Benefit brow product (their quality and packaging are straight out of a fairy tale)! But realistically, we can’t all afford a “luxury brand only” makeup closet. Luckily for us, we have drugstore cosmetics here to save the day! We often underestimate these brands due to their lower price and perceived quality, but many of them perform to a level that competes with higher end makeup. One in particular that took me by surprise was Joe Fresh! I got to test out some of their products back in August and stumbled upon them again recently. I don’t know why I ever put them aside, because these products are absolute bomb (and crazy affordable)! So, if you’re on a budget and wanting to add some new goodies to your collection: keep on reading!

Neutral Eye Shadow Palette

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I’ve purchased quite a few drugstore eyeshadows and was always a little disappointed by either the lack of pigmentation, or the amount of fallouts and kick backs. But regardless, I decided to give this palette a shot. With my favorite blending brush in hand, I picked up some of the color (so far, no kick backs…interesting), applied it to my crease and: omg! The pigmentation of these shadows is simply out of this world! And the texture! I swear they blend like a dream! And the best part: no fallouts! This little baby is now a staple in my makeup routine. It’s perfect for someone who’s just starting to use makeup and is looking for a full proof eyeshadow palette (even the black is easy to work with).

CC Translucent Pressed Powder

Source: Joe Fresh

Gotta say, color correcting was quite the trend last year. The idea was to use complementary colors to cancel out discolorations on your face. For example, you would use green to cancel out redness, salmon to nullify dark circles, and purple to get rid of dullness and brighten up your complexion. Given that information, this powder is supposed to set your foundation and even out your complexion: which it did. However, I have a normal to dry skin type and found it to be a little too drying for me (especially for the undereye area). If you have an oilier skin type than me, then definitely go for it: you’ll love this powder!

Universal Brow Sculpting Wax

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I’ve been using this product daily (that’s how much I love it)! Its purpose it to lightly tint your brows while keeping the hairs in place. It’s perfect for a quick fix before leaving the house in the morning, after the gym, basically anytime you want your brows to look naturally polished (and keep the strays at bay). It’s not the kind of product that you can reshape and fill-in your brows with, but I still use it as a finishing product when doing a full-face makeup.


What are some of your favourite drugstore brands? Let me know in the comment section!

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