In event of my internship for LeCahier x TheBooklet, I have the opportunity of working on several projects and carry out countless tasks. When I talk about the latter to my loved ones, the most recurrent questions is "but, what do you do exactly?" Aside of integrating articles on the platform, community management such as LeCahier's Twitter account, attending diverse events and do flat-lays for IG, I now also participated to their monthly photo shoot where Cam and Viv get their looks taken at the beginning of February at Le Crystal Hotel located in the heart of Montreal.

Behind the scene cam bts look

Throughout the day, we had looks coming from Winnters, C'Glam and La Vie en Rose among others. The team told me it would be a chill day in comparison to other previous shoots we had. I thought it was an intense day regardless. I saw the girls running front and back from getting a makeup touch-up by Ann-Frédéric, makeup artist, in between two shoots. It was indeed a team effort.

bts photographe

The dozens of outfits that called for spring and summer which both present photographers, Delphine and Matt, captured reminded me how bad I can't wait to store my winter coat and winter boots away… I'd see Viv wearing  white floral trousers on one side and Camille with beachwear, summer dresses and colorful dresses on the other.

look behind the scene behind the scene photo bts camille look

I also had the chance of chatting with the photographers and the makeup artist in order to learn more about their craft, contracts, etc. Particularily with Ann-Frédéric who shared with me her vision on trendy makeup, her education that lead her to her career, ups and downs of the job, she caught my attention since I long too had considered professional makeup as a career choice. Personally, I never had the courage to take the leap, but seing other people is truly inspiring.

bts maquillage

Photos – Matt Ayotte Photo and Delphine N Photographie

MUA – Ann-Frédéric Tremblay

Location – Le Crystal 

behind the scene retouche maquillage

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