I apologize in advance, but yes, I shall talk about school in this article… because whether you want it or not, but back to school season has officially started many of us, mere students. When I think about my 3 month holiday that is now over, I freak out. I feel it was only yesterday I finished my last math final… oh god how time flies. To be honest, I categorize myself in being one of those who don't like going back to school once fall arrives. Waking up early, having tons of homework to hand in, studying for exams and worst of all, thinking ahead of what I'll wear to school each day. Yeah, you heard right. Even if I love showing you guys my daily looks and know everything there is to know about the latest trends, waking up each morning and having to choose what I'll wear in order to look decent is a true nightmare. Between sleeping one more hour or deciding what will my outfit be, well, I'll take that extra hour of sleep. That say, even with the fear of that fashion head-scratcher, I found inspiration that might help you create your daily looks perfect for school.

When I choose my clothes in the morning, my first rule is all about comfort. For real, not feeling comfortable in what I'm wearing will sabotage my concentration regardless of the distraction. Which is why I usually opt for clothes in which I'll be comfortable from day to night. I chose to show you a simple and trendy way to wear the boyish style. I love the latter for its loose fitted cut and how easy it is to pair with other pieces from your closet. It's simple, you get inspired from menswear in order to create your outfits. In order to truly master this style and obtain the desired end result, you simply need to pair loose fitted clothes that remind you of menswear. Try to go with neutral shades that will give that casual look. As for me, I opted for a boyfriend cut jeans with a beige top. Those two pieces aren't at all structured nor figure hugging and that's what I wanted! This combinations is what makes an outfit look mannish. To complete the look, I simply added a red bomber jacket that contrast our boyish look. Moreover, if there's one thing everyone should have in their closet this season is indeed a bomber jacket. This old school garment is coming back into our stores' shelves and I have to admit that I'm digging it. The last touch, cute pair of white sneakers and I'm all set for tackle the day!

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Top: Don't Ask Why

Jeans and bomber jacket: American Eagle Outfitters

Sneakers: Adidas

Bag: Herschel Supply

Photos by: Anna Can

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