Black Friday isn't a day where I particularly like shopping. Not because I don't like shopping in general (quite the opposite) but I'd rather steer clear from heart attacks. I don't like crowds. When I see the news on that that and see hundreds of people running to the stores, I just can't deal. It's too much. 

However, I know for many how this is a great opportunity to buy a handful of clothes, accessories, shoes and other things at a discounted price. Your wallet is happy and you'll add a few new pieces to your closet. If you're one of those who love shopping on Black Friday, you'll be pleased to know I've prepared a list of 5 stores that have killer rebates on November 25th. 

Some would obviously offer sales for a longer period of time (often a few days before till Monday) so if you're tight in your schedule on that so-say day, you can visit the stores during the weekend. If you're like me, you can also buy online (crazy sales all front the comfort of your own home).

1. Aritzia

Love this boutique. The pieces are indeed of a high quality therefore the reason of the salty price tag. You will be able to benefit from this promotion from November 22nd to the 28th, evidently the best day will be on Friday where you'll save 50% off on your entire purchase. Worth the look.


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2. RW&CO

Company that offers great rebates from November 24th till the 26th, that say discounts from 30% to 40% on your entire purchase. You could even benefit from this promotion by spoiling your boyfriend, brother or father since you can buy men's clothes as well. If you'd rather save that money for you, well there are so many pieces your could get your hands on: coats, jewelry, shoes, bags and that goes without talking about the abundance of clothes.

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3. Nouveau Noir

I didn't know this store before writing this article. By looking on their website, I discovered several great pieces and honestly I couldn't afford them. Which is why when I saw that on November 25th they'll offer 50% off on your entire purchase, I was pretty excited. It does make a big difference and obviously online shopping and I are very good friends.

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4. Rudsak

Dark colored clothes? Obviously a go-to colour. I feel great in the latter and I believe it's a versatile shade. When I see Rudsak clothes, boots and handbags, I see myself. It's beautiful, simple and at the same time chic. Evidently, with my student budget, I can't buy whatever my heart desires, however BLACK FRIDAY is the ideal occasion to splurge a bit. PS: they also offer discounts on their website!

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5. Sephora

Makeup can be costly. Being able to enjoy discounts on an abundance of cosmetics (that say, mascara, eye shadow, lipsticks, foundation, etc… the whole shebang) it's always a treat. I'm not a big makeup enthusiast, but I know for some, makeup plays a big part in your daily routine. I downloaded the Sephora app, and already, I noticed how it was possible to get half-priced products. If you want to know beforehand which products will go on sale this Friday, you can also download the app and clock on the Black Friday tablet. 

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Have fun shopping!

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