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Viv is going on vacation… as of now. She's somewhere in Mexico. When she leaves the office, I'm always stressing out, same thing goes for her when I'm the one leaving the office. Yet, we both need those vacations. I'm the first one to understand when she needs a break, to explore Mexico and to stop thinking about the blog. However, since March 3rd, I haven't been much at the office and I'd admit I was truly looking forward to our four days in Las Vegas spent together, to be reunited with my best friend… when I think about the next time we'll see each other again, it'll only be in April! Yesterday, we had our monthly photo shoot at Montreal's Alt hotel and we shot lots of looks, perfect time to have fun with your main girl. As much as we can be serious, alone, in front of the camera than being goofballs… I mean we laugh pretty easily if we're put in the same room…

For today's look, we chose to wear the same brands: Geox for the shoes and Compania et Fantastica for our dresses. Both are brands with whom we collaborate and offer great comfy products. In fact, when I wear my Geox and I get shy in telling people where I got my shoes from, the reaction is pretty surprising, meaning people don't tend to realize that Geox can create cute and comfy footwear. That say, during the upcoming months, I'm inviting you to check my Instagram page (HERE) since I'll collaborate with the latter with other Canadian bloggers.

IMG_4036 IMG_4048 IMG_4046 IMG_4028 IMG_4032 

We're wearing:

Dresses – Compania Fantastica

Shoes – Geox

Location – Hotel Alt Montreal

MUA – Glambar Montreal

Photos by – Isabelle Fexa

IMG_4055 IMG_4051 IMG_4049

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