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Dark under eye circles are not always caused by how much you’ve partied the night before or another sleepless night. Those dark circles under your eyes are sometimes genetically inherited, with some bad habits like smoking, drinking alcohol, or heavy partying making them worse. Fortunately, there are some beauty products for concealing dark circles that work so well that you’ll soon integrate them even in your day-to-day makeup routine.

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About Beauty Products for Concealing Dark Circles

Most of the products that hide dark circles neutralize the dark pigment under the eyes by covering it in a product that matches your face tone’s shade or the foundation’s. Concealers have more pigment while being a bit drier and thicker than other beauty products.

Pigments in concealers cover the dark areas with a small quantity of the product. Brightening the undereye area via color neutralization will make you look more energetic. Such products usually also come with a moisturizing finish to keep the area healthy.

L.A. Girl Pro Conceal Set by L.A. Girl

This concealer is one of the world’s best beauty products for covering dark circles. The drugstore color corrector comes in three shades – yellow, orange, and green to cover both blemishes and skin imperfections. The L.A. Girl concealer has a long-wearing formula which minimizes fine lines around the eyes.

This is definitely the best drugstore color corrector for dark circles based on users’ reviews and makeup artists’ opinions, according to the experts at Check the linked article for more info on this beloved product and a list of concealers that can be the next best thing.

Full Cover Concealer by MAKE UP FOR EVER

This liquid concealer is available in 12 shades, making it easier for you to find one that suits your complexion. The $34 product looks natural because it blends naturally with your foundation. You can apply it using your fingertips instead of a brush or sponge to ensure minimal quantity on your face. The concealer can even hide the dark circles after those party nights with little to no sleep. You won’t need to increase the product’s quantity.

Mini Miracle Eye Wand by Charlotte Tilbury

This product is perfect for low-maintenance makeup routines. Maybe you don’t want to use many products, but you want to stick to some that are must-haves. Regular liquid concealers hide undereye bags, while dual-ended concealers like the Mini Miracle Eye Wand add consistency to the skin. Celebrity makeup artists endorse it because you don’t need additional tools to use it. The concealer works as primary coverage without looking as if you’ve missed a part of the routine.  

Professional Makeup Concealer Wand by NYX Cosmetics

Still looking for the best beauty product for concealing dark circles? You can go professional with NYX Cosmetics’ corrector with a creamy consistency. The concealer is available in 11 shades and it provides medium to natural coverage. Colors suit both imperfections (green) and dark eye circles. The green concealers fit all skin tones, while the product’s formula contains conditioners and hydration. Practically, you will be using both a light cream and a makeup product.

Bye Bye Under Eye Anti-Aging Concealer by IT Cosmetics

Dark circles no longer seem hard to cover when you use the right products. The concealer from IT Cosmetics neutralizes the under-eye purple undertones with a full-coverage formula that keeps the skin healthy. The award-winning product also handles wrinkles thanks to its anti-aging technology which treats fine lines, uneven discoloration, redness, and other facial imperfections. This concealer also contains hydrolyzed collagen and vitamin C for a youthful appearance. It is highly pigmented and can keep your skin even healthier than your regular cream.

Lasting Finish Concealer by Rimmel London

You may be on a budget but hope for quality. The Lasting Finish concealer by Rimmel hides under-eye circles even in the absence of creams and foundations. The product comes in Ivory and Porcelain tones that absorb quickly into skin. According to manufacturers, the concealer lasts for up to 25 hours, even on a hot summer day. Rimmel’s concealer costs around $14 and comes with a matte finish you will enjoy.

How to apply the best beauty products for concealing dark circles

  • Prepare the eye area using a moisturizer or a lightweight eye gel and wait for them to absorb into the skin.  
  • Use the concealer after the foundation, to make your face look more natural.
  • There are three ways to apply concealer – using your fingertips, a brush, or a small makeup sponge.
  • Start with the darker areas from the inner corner of the eye and avoid rubbing.
  • Apply another layer only after a minute or two if results are not entirely satisfactory.
  • Satin and soft matte finishing generally work best for covering the undereye circles.
  • Brightening options fit all skin tones as they come with additional color-correct tools.
  • The coverage shouldn’t be entirely opaque to avoid looking lifeless and dull. If full-coverage products fail, go for medium-coverage concealers.
  • Test them with both day and night makeup on. Depending on the type of makeup, your looks will change, and colors might look different on your face.

Brief skin tone guide

  • Light to fair skin with blue to purple circles: Full-coverage shades in subtle salmon-pink to peach undertones to neutralize discoloration.
  • Light to fair skin with brown-gray circles: Full-coverage shades with neutral beige to yellow undertones to neutralize the tinge.
  • Medium to dark skin with blue to purple circles: Full-coverage shades with brighter peach undertones. Avoid intense orange.
  • Medium to dark skin tones with brown-gray circles: Full-coverage concealer with soft gold to neutral tan undertones.

These are the best beauty products for covering dark circles and the most efficient ways to apply them for best results. Even though they make your genetical heritage, dark under-eye circles don’t have to always stay visible. Also, no one needs to know that you partied a day before or attended a late-night event. So, update your makeup routine and take care of your undereye area!

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