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As time travels at a different pace in the world of fashion, it comes as no surprise that the fall lines for 2018 are already presented to the world. And, as per usual, fashionistas flock to their ‘place of worship’ to watch, admire and of course judge the new lines. While doing so, they make sure to put their best look forward, and in case of Berlin that best entails a touch of quirky as well. Berlin fashion-savvy people are generally more concerned with looking authentic rather than polished and chic in the conventional sense of the world. Still, after keeping our eyes pierced, certain patterns (both figurative and literal) can be spotted, so let’s find all the Valdos of the street style and take note, because – if Berliners are wearing it, we are bound to as well.

Easy to spot

The one highly prominent piece that isn’t only easy to spot, but actually difficult to miss is definitely the white shoe trend. They had a huge moment in the ‘60s, then again in the ‘80s and a brief fling with the beginning of 2000s. It’s safe t say that we had deemed them gone for good this time, but oh, how sorely mistaken we were. They’re alive and well, and overflowing the streets of Berlin. Although some classic pumps were spotted, the most prominent shoe of this variety was the boot in all the different lengths. Worn with skirts, dresses and jeans just ‘short’ enough to let the boots be seen and let them shine. What was considered passé is back and it seems to look bolder than ever, and with the right amount of layering, these boots can look pretty darn chic.

The comfy shoe cometh

With athleisure still gaining momentum and showing no signs of slowing down, another notable shoe trend was that of the ugly sneaker, which in the streets of Berlin entailed the ‘ugly’ Balenciaga sneaker and even the occasional pair of Birkenstock shoes. With Birkenstock having its moment again (they tend to spike in popularity every seven years), we have no choice but to go with the comfy. The best thing about it though is that we can afford to get all dolled up in our finest gowns, or rock our casual officewear while remaining comfortable in our shoes, precisely due to the miracle of athleisure and workleisure.

The one to master

Color blocking is another trend that seems to be making a tremendous comeback, and it’s one we dare you not to love. Yes, this is one fashion trend that doesn’t belong in the ‘easy to master’ category, but once you do it, it’s totally worth it. Looking at this gorgeous combination spotted in Berlin, it will be hard to resist giving it a go. This is an example of a safe approach even color blocking neophytes will have a hard time failing. The skirt itself is color blocked, and the sweater is in the color of one of the stripes, while the bag is in the similar shade to another stripe. This is a fairly good start, and you have to admit, it makes for a stunning and distinct look.

Logos, logos everywhere

Just when the millennial generation made it clear that the logo is officially dead, it miraculously came back to life, and this time it means business. Logos spread all over oversized scarves on chic Berlin girls is clear proof of that, and if you can’t beat them – join them. After all, it doesn’t even look as tacky as one would think, but it does take a certain dose of Berlin nonchalance to look like a walking advertisement and still manage to look cool.

Supersize it

Finally, the inescapable menswear inspired outerwear has taken over Berlin as well, although it may have been the home of it all along, given the relaxed approach to fashion and the blurred gender-lines which are most prominent in this fashion capital. From oversized puffer jackets in bright colors to coats that literally look like they were accidentally on purpose borrowed from a boyfriend, the outerwear is big and bold, and we simply love it.

Nonchalance seems to be the main theme of the street versatility of Berlin, and if anyone can do it with ease and panache, it’s Berliners. We can bet that you’ll give at least some of these trends a go as well.

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