As time goes by, more I hear about it, and yet I find we don't talk enough about this touchy subject. I do see a lot of articles on my Facebook newsfeed where my friends talk about the importance of self-acceptance, beauty and body diversity and how each and everyone of us are different. I love reading these types of articles and to talk about them and I enjoy hearing what you guys have to say on the subject. 

And then, I still ended up in a changing room last weekend, trying some holiday outfits, and overhead the lady who was in the next changing room asking the sale associate to get her an item in a bigger sized; she clearly looked disappointed, even ashamed of not being able to fit in a size she thought it would be ideal for her. Then, the sale associate kindly said it wouldn't be a problem, to not worry about it and confessed that the reason why it didn't fit wasn't related to our body or weight, the items were the problem. 



I was sad to not have been able to see that particular sale associate when I was done trying on my pieces. I would have love to thank him. I would have love to tell him how his ethic was the most simple, real and true I have ever heard in a very long time. We often visualize ourselves fitting in only one particular size and it doesn't give us anything. I mean in the end, an item with a friggin' number shouldn't be there to make us feel bad about our body. 

I have no clue what that customer looked like. Maybe she had a weight problem, maybe she gained 35 pounds in a year for whatever reason and that she's now conscious about how she looks. Or maybe on the contrary, she lost a ton of weight and doesn't feel it's enough. Or maybe, she's simply like many of my friends, she's obsessed to know if she fits in a size small or medium. And then, she probably won't say it out loud, but she'd feel proud if she fits in a the size featured in the window display.  


Feeling ashamed or  proud about my weight, count me out! It shouldn't valorized to loose weight. It shouldn't this much of a bad thing to gain a few pounds. I mean god, it's only weight, muffin top or not, why should we care? In the end, whenever I think about my friends, what makes me smile about them is not because they're thin or perhaps weight 5kg more than I do.  I smile because I love them all. This unconscious obsession we have about our weight makes me sick to my stomach. What matters is when we valorize ourselves for the person we've become, for the projects we wish to accomplish, the ambition and everything that goes along with it. 

So you know what, go ahead, eat some holiday turkey and all the meat pies you wish to ingest during the holiday season. You're all beautiful from the inside and outside. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

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