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The other day, I went to Denis Binet's studio, hair stylist-consultant, for a Clairol consultation. I had the occasion to discover Clairol's new colours, to discuss with Denis and if I was willing, he proposed me to color my hair. Being dark blond naturally and blond for a year now, I was a bit hesitant, then something happened with Denis. I decided, just like that, to try something completely different: going for ginger. Supported by Denis and Patricia, the PR who invited me, I told myself "why not". I was pretty excited when he started applying the color. It has been a few years that I couldn't go for ginger and I thought this was the proper moment to take the leap. This is a permanent colour, yes indeed it is, but not a permanent change… so in the end, why not? We need to be bold enough at some point and try something new, don't you agree? Well at least, I don't regret making that call. All day long, I had a high from this boldness in between Likes from social medias and I felt great about myself, it was rejuvenating. It's crazy how a hair cut can be powerful to one's self. Since my roots were darker than my tips, Denis told me how the ginger colour would have several dimensions. At the tips, he left the color linger not as long as at the roots. We know it's the type of coloration that evolves throughout washes so I'm excited to see what my head will look like in a few weeks after several washes, morning workouts at the pool, the sun, I think the tips would become more strawberry blond. If you wish to be bold as well, Nice'n Easy's colours from Clairol come with a CC+ Colorseal conditioner that you generously apply on your hair once rinsed.   It allows to properly seal the colour and moisturize  rebellious hair. 

Here's my outfit I wore on that faithful day, but I admit that I added heels only once I got to the office. They were too small for Cam, so I was the lucky one to have been chosen to shoot picture with them. They are from Miista, a London based brand who offers breathtaking beautiful shoes. When I saw them, my heart skipped a beat, I'm not even joking. I love each detail of this model: leather straps, chunky heel that makes the heel comfier than stilettos, transparent heel and the gold buckle that adds edginess at the ankle. 

What about you? Will you be bold this season?

IMG_0845 IMG_0786

I'm wearing:

Jacket: Rudsak

Dress: Elisa C Rossow

Shoes: Miista

Necklace: Mohawki

Watch: Citizen Watch

Bag: Jeane & Jax

Pompon hung on my purse that is also a phone charger: Annick Levesque

Photos by: Marie-Jules Morris Bourgouin

IMG_0806 IMG_0776 IMG_0818 IMG_0834 IMG_0848

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