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Not too long ago, I was invited to Soubois to celebrate Swarovski's latest fall/winter collection with fellow bloggers and fashion influencers alike. It's rather simple, when a prestige jewelry company such as Swarovski invites you to a party, you gotta accept the invitation. Personally, Swarovski has always played a major part in my life. You'd think you'd only wear Swarovski for a special occasion and yet, it's the total opposite. In fact, I remember the first time I got my very first set of jewelry by the latter: it was for my prom back in 2008… how time flies! 

Founded in 1895, the Austrian producer of lead cut glass has become a name of itself for fine and everyday jewelry. Their Crystal Galaxy collection is the perfect embodiment of that utopia. With 3D volumes and shapes, the collection evokes eclipses, stars and constellations; the perfect way to make some heads turn regardless of the given occasion. Of course throughout dinner, my eyes stopped on this massive stars and moons  inspired statement necklace (see picture below). Obviously the latter is a stunning piece to wear during a night out and less so for an everyday occasion but that's what Swarovski is all about: dreamy and shiny jewelry to make that night a memorable one. 

Bildschirmfoto 2016-08-06 um 14.28.04

Source: Swarovski

Bildschirmfoto 2016-08-06 um 14.58.20Source: My Instagram

And what better way to start your early birthday celebration than with a prestige jewelry company in one of Montreal's great restaurants? I can't think of anything else. Indeed, I celebrated my 25th birthday over two weeks ago and the invitation to this press event was perhaps only 2 mere days away from this iconic birthday celebration. After looking at the jewelry presented on our tables, my eyes stopped on a more minimalist piece called the CrystalDust cuff in black. Simple, elegant and timeless, I immediately jumped on the occasion to give my arm party a new friend to play with (only temporarily, unfortunately). Yet to my surprise, fellow bloggers and influencers who were in the attendance all received their own CrystalDust cuff as a gift. Best.Early.Bday.Present.EVER!  This is especially why Swarovski isn't only reserved for special occasions; I now proudly wear my CrystalDust cuff at all times with my other favourite jewelry I never part ways with. 

Please excuse my dying need of a pedicure. 

Bildschirmfoto 2016-08-06 um 14.52.52

Source: My Instagram

To know more about Swarovski's Crystal Galaxy and shop the collection, all information can be found on Swarovski's website. And don't forget to use #BeBrilliant hashtag when posting a picture with your Swarovski jewelry on social medias! 

Cover image: Swarovski

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