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Nowadays, I have a real obsession with lace (my Pinterest account as well as my closet is filled with the latter and both my two daughters can confirm that statement). Lace is embodied by feminity. It succeeds in making the most simple pieces look elegant. Timeless (lace actually dates back in the XVIth century) lace has now found its way to our current wardrobe. Couldn't be happier.


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Lace is truly a versatile fabric, which makes it the perfect asset to have in your closet. Whether is a small lacy aspect on a simple t-shirt or an all-lace top, you can wear the latter with everything. WIth a simple ripped jeans for a casual look or even with a pencil skirt for a more classic look perfect for the office. If you love wearing dresses, well you'll be on cloud nine. With details applied at the sleeves, collar or even at the back, lace has a strong note on that one. Nothing beats a cute bohemian style.

2. Shoes

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Lace can be worn all the way to your feet. Whether you're sporting  ballerina flats or stilettos, lace will dress your feet by giving them as distinguished look. Why not go for an all lace look from head to toe? 

3. Underwear

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We can't go on without mentionning lace on underwear. Who doesn't have a pair of panties or bra with lace on them? Whether you have a brassiere, bralette, panties or a nightie, lace is pretty much everywhere on everything that touches the lingerie department. It allows us to feel empowered, sexy, beautiful and comfortable. I'm sure your other half loves it as much as you do, otherwise your mirror will do the job.

4. Body art

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Lace even found its way to the tattoo universe. Tattoos inspired by lace patterns have become popular nowadays. Whether you're for a subtle or big one,  evident or hidden, they now have their place in the current body art trends.

Lace has been very popular over the years and can be seen in clothing and accessories collections and you won't be seeing the last of it since it'll still hold pole position in current trends during fall. 

Cover Image: Harper's Bazaar November 2013

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